4 Ways to Combat Cockroaches at Home

New Jersey Cockroach Control

Eliminating the entire cockroach colony in your home may take a lot of effort. The truth is, it is going to be difficult to totally control and get rid of cockroaches since they are in great in hiding and are great at surviving. It is common for homes to have cockroaches again, months after they have eliminated a colony. So how can we get rid of these cockroaches and combat them from populating?

Well, a simple solution is to find where these roaches are hiding and eliminate them. But, that is not everything one should do in order to combat them. Eliminating these roaches is just part of the solution, another solution is to change the way you view your home and small changes that can contribute to the control of these roaches.

Find out where they live

Cockroaches are commonly present in homes, apartments, supermarkets, restaurants, food processing plants and in any places where they can shelter in moist, dark areas. These roaches may create nests in cracks and crevices, under kitchen sinks, behind baseboards, in cabinets, under kitchen appliances, in bathrooms, behind baseboards, in pantries, and wall voids.

Eliminate nesting sites

Once you are able to find where these pests live, it is time to get rid of them. There are different ways to get rid of the nest. You can either use cockroach baits that you can find in stores, create your own homemade baits, or use insecticide spray.

The process of using baits can be very effective in killing roaches that are not seen most of the day. Baits work by allowing the cockroaches to feed on the bait, then bring back the bait with them in their homes. The cockroach who ate the bait will eventually die, and even those who did not eat the bait will also die once they come in contact with the wasted material of the dead cockroach. Baiting also takes time and may need continuous baiting to eliminate the roaches for good.

Another option is to spray these roaches with insecticide or you can even use a simple solution of soap and water to spray on these insects. The use of a spray is a very effective tool in killing most of the roaches that are visible. The spray could be used in cracks and crevices and in areas where roaches may be hiding. Once the insecticide or solution is sprayed, the roaches will come out from their hiding places and will eventually die.

Deny them of their basic needs

As you eliminate these roaches, it is important to stop them from going back to their nesting sites and continue hatching their eggs. Make sure to eliminate and get rid of any of their food sources so that their population will start to decrease. It may even be possible to get rid of the roaches permanently if you deny them of their food and shelter.

To be able to deny them of their basic needs make sure to:

  • Clean your house thoroughly, especially the kitchen.
  • Food containers should always be sealed.
  • Do not leave dirty dishes out overnight.
  • Mop the floor as often as possible to get rid crumbs and sticky spots.
  • Take out the trash regularly.

 Prevent re-infestation

Re-infestation of cockroaches is common as these roaches always find ways to hide away from danger, and come back again once the smoke clears. However, there are still some ways to combat these persistent pests:

  • Make sure to move yard debris away from the house.
  • Fill and seal any cracks found on floors, doors, window moldings, kitchen cabinets, and so on.
  • Seal all openings around pipes of the kitchen or bathrooms.

Whether you have an existing cockroach infestation or want a preventive plan, Horizon can help you. Visit New Jersey Cockroach Control for more info about our services.