A Construction Project Over Groundhog-Inhabited Land Is Forcing The Animals To Relocate To A Nearby Neighborhood

A groundhog’s destructive potential is sometimes debated among experts, but the critters are not considered to be a major source of infectious diseases that can be spread to humans. Some people believe that groundhogs can transmit just as many diseases as most other types of small mammalian animals, like raccoons and opossums. However, research shows that this is not the case, as groundhogs can only carry a relatively small number of diseases. The most common disease carried by groundhogs is rabies, but experts say that encountering a rabid groundhog is highly unlikely.

While groundhogs are rarely, if ever, associated with the spread of disease to humans, it cannot be denied that groundhogs can cause serious damage to people’s yards, flower beds and vegetable gardens. Although finding a groundhog within a home is rare, residents of one Pittsburgh neighborhood have good reason to worry about the critters invading their homes. A construction project is currently underway in an area that was well known to be inhabited by numerous groundhogs. Unfortunately, these groundhogs have recently abandoned their usual habitat in response to the construction company’s soil excavations. Now, the groundhogs are relocating to a nearby neighborhood where they have been causing problems for homeowners.

The University of Pittsburgh is having a new lacrosse/soccer field built in the Oakland area. The project involves removing all grass, weeds and other forms of vegetation from the land in order to install artificial grass for the field. In less than 24 hours since the first weeds in the groundhog-rich area were pulled from the ground, residents of a nearby neighborhood began seeing the critters near several houses. The groundhogs have destroyed lawns, gardens and one resident even found one of the animals within her home. The resident believes that the groundhog had been burrowing beneath her home before it somehow accessed her bedroom. Due to the volume of complaints from the neighborhood residents concerning the groundhog invasion, construction has been temporarily halted until a solution to the dilemma is found.

Have you ever witnessed the destructive actions of a groundhog?

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