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New Jersey Ant Control

Ant Exterminator

Ants are one the most common pests in New Jersey. They can be a destructive nuisance if they make their home inside yours. Ants live in colonies; they are social creatures and cannot live alone. Usually, the sheer number of ants belonging to a colony that just moved in becomes the biggest problem in controlling ants.

In the Garden State, carpenter ants cause residents a significant amount in home repairs every year. Carpenter ants are small but can cause some BIG problems. Carpenter Ants chew tunnels in wood, attacking the structure of your home. This weakens your home's foundation and causes expensive repairs. Carpenter ant infestation, if left untreated, can cost you thousands of dollars in home repairs!

Home Guard Program


Our Home Guard program eliminates the ant issue you have and protect your home against future instances. Our trained exterminators have been providing effective treatments and quality service for over 44 years. Our experience ensures a thorough and complete removal of carpenter ants and other ants to leave your home's structure safe.

Don't be fooled - ant infestation can be difficult to handle by yourself. Disturbing their nest will make it harder to eradicate them completely. In addition, most do-it-yourself ant treatments only solve the problem you can see. A successful, quality treatment will solve the entire problem, to ensure your home is protected.

If you've seen small dirt piles accumulating around the outside of your home, in your basement, or closet, call (888)612.2847 today for a free Inspection. We will have a trained exterminator to you today!


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