Bats: Good or Bad for the Yard?

Bats Hanging From BranchAt Horizon Pest Control, bats are considered nuisance animals. However, not everyone thinks of them that way. Some people actually want bats in their yard and actively try to attract them. It’s true that bats can be very beneficial to your garden, but those benefits don’t take away from the fact that bats can still wreak havoc on your home and on your health. So, what’s the verdict? Are bats good to have around, or are you better off without them?  Let’s find out.

Benefits of Bats

Bats are an important part of the natural ecosystem. Though they are nocturnal and only come out at night, they can do a lot of good for the environment during that time. Bat proponents commonly cite three main reasons why they want bats to inhabit their yard: pollination, pest elimination and fertilization.

First, bats are great pollinators. They spread pollen around the yard as they swoop, dive and fly, similar to bees. If you want your garden to be healthier and fuller, having an extra pollinator around might just do the trick. A lot of plants, such as bananas and agave, actually rely on bats for pollination. That’s why garden bats are popular in places with tropical or desert climates – but not necessarily places like New Jersey or New York.

The second benefit is that bats, being excellent predators, actually eat a lot of the insects you might be trying to get rid of, such as mosquitoes. They’ll also eat moths and other bugs. Again, if you’re trying to maintain a garden in the backyard, bats can help it flourish and may even mean that you can skip the pesticides.

And finally, bat feces, usually called guano, are a great fertilizer. Guano is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and has beneficial bacteria and fungi that can help promote plant growth better than most store-bought fertilizers.

How Bats Cause Problems

As you can see, there are many good reasons to keep bats around. But those benefits really only apply if you’re a farmer or gardener. If you’re not, the risks will outweigh any potential advantages. That’s because when you have bats in the yard, there’s a good chance they’ll end up taking shelter inside your attic or other nooks and crannies in and around the house. This is something you definitely want to avoid for several reasons.

  • Unsettling Sounds – Noisy bats inside your attic can be annoying, disturbing and even scary if you don’t know what’s causing the sounds. If they’re loud enough, these sounds can even disrupt your sleep.
  • Structural Damage – As bats take up residence inside your home, they can damage wood, insulation, wires and more, which will result in costly repairs.
  • Disease – Bats are known carriers for several different diseases, including rabies.
  • Droppings – Guano has a strong, unpleasant odor that can easily travel throughout a building. The guano and urine can also stain your walls and ceilings.

Bat Problem? Call Horizon Pest Control

Horizon Pest Control specializes in the safe, effective removal of nuisance animals from the home, and that includes bats. If you ever experience any issues with bats, we’ll be happy to stop by, conduct a free inspection and recommend the best plan of action. Call 888-612-2847 or send us a message online and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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