Can a Bed Bug Vacuum Help Get Rid of Your Infestation?

Shadow Of A Bed Bug Over A BedIf you’re battling a bed bug infestation, you’re not alone. In fact, these instances are on the rise across northern and central New Jersey, and keeping your bedroom and sheets clean is not enough to keep them at bay. That’s where the question of a bed bug infestation comes into play – can the right one really eliminate bed bugs entirely from your home? Here’s a look at the pros and cons, as well as why you should still consider utilizing the professional bed bug extermination services of Horizon Pest Control

Advantages of Bed Bug Vacuums

Unlike ordinary vacuums, a bed bug infestation vacuum is outfitted with several features that make it easier to target these pesky vermin. For instance, some models feature a powerful combination of ultraviolet light, heat, and strong suction to not only eliminate clusters of bed bugs, but also take out dust mites, fleas, and other types of microorganisms. They are also typically smaller in size, enabling you to reach tricky areas where bed bugs might be hiding, and versatile enough with multiple settings to clean more delicate surfaces of your home, like area rugs and curtains.

In addition, bed bug infestation vacuums are designed with special brushes that take the hook-shaped toes of these vermin into account. Along with troublesome fur, bed bugs attach to mattresses, bedding, and furniture fibers, making it difficult to remove them. These brushes allow you to remove bed bugs by penetrating these surfaces at a pace of up to 6,000 times per minute.

Cons to Consider

So far, a bed bug infestation vacuum sounds like a great solution, but there are many disadvantages to this method of bed bug removal, as well. For one, it’s difficult to detect all of the bed bugs present in your home with your naked eye alone. They often make their way to the catacombs of your mattress, depths of your box spring, and hard-to-reach places like inside folds, tufts, and around buttons. They even gather behind photos on the wall, and there could be dozens hiding in a simple screw hole in your wall. And if you can’t see them, how will you know where to point your vacuum?

You don’t just have adult bed bugs to worry about – you also have to consider any eggs that may have been laid. Bed bugs reproduce very rapidly, with some adults laying up to 200 eggs at a time. Just as it can be hard to see all of the adult bed bugs, missing a few eggs when trying to vacuum them away could very well mean your infestation will continue once they hatch.

When to Call Horizon Pest Control

While a bed bug infestation vacuum may seem advantageous, be wary of believing manufacturer claims that they are a solution to your bed bug problem. The truth is that they are far from that, as there is no guarantee the right vacuum will eradicate every single bed bug and egg present in your home.

That’s why at the first sign of a bed bug infestation, you should call on the experience of our professional exterminators at Horizon Pest Control. We’ll deploy the most effective tactics and innovative products to treat your home and eliminate bed bugs for good. For more information, contact Horizon Pest Control today at 888-612-2847 for a free estimate.

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