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Is The Queen Termite Responsible For Facilitating Nest Construction?

Birds and mammals create nests that are not much bigger than themselves, but the nests built by social insects, such as termites, are anything but cramped. In fact, a termite nesting-mound is so large that no single termite can perceive the full scope of a mound’s size. A termite mound is several million times larger…
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How Are Termite Colonies Affected By Inbreeding?

When it comes to organisms that reproduce sexually, the consequences of inbreeding are generally undesirable. In order to produce genetically fit offspring, sexual reproduction must occur between two genetically dissimilar individuals. When two genetically related individuals reproduce, the resulting offspring are likely to develop genetic diseases that make them unfit for reproducing themselves. Therefore, in…
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Some Termite Species Build Mounds In The Most Complicated And Laborious Ways Possible

The Cornitermes cumulans termite species is abundant in the savannah regions of central South America. This species has been studied recently for its unusually laborious mound-building habits. Most mound-building termite species simply build additions onto their mound structures in order to accommodate their growing colony sizes. However, when C. cumulans colonies grow to the point…
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