Could Invasive NYC Cockroach come to Jersey?


The High Land, which is the newest tourist attraction in New York has now been found with a unique visitor and that is a cockroach. This type of cockroach is not your average cockroach since this pest can withstand harsh winter cold and they have never been seen in the U.S. before.

What most New Yorkers are worried about is not the fact that they have a new bug in town, but the fact that this bug can withstand cold weather. Well, you could say it is a new development when it comes to a creature that is mostly known for being tough and can survive the harshest conditions. It can survive outdoors and can thrive on ice. So, if it is already in New York, would it be possible that this new pest that is native in Japan, could come to Jersey?

Rutgers University identified the species Periplaneta japonica has never been confirmed in the United States until now. The two scientists  Dominic Evangelista and Jessica Ware  say that it is too early to predict the effects of these cockroaches.

Could the Invasive NYC Roach come across the River?

According to Evangelista, this species is just like other cockroach species that exist in the metro. A Purdue University professor, Michael Scharf , said that the discovery of the species Periplaneta japonica is something to monitor.

In 2012, this new cockroach was first seen by a professional who was working on  High Line. It could be possible that this species was likely a stowaway in the soil of ornamental plants that are used to adorn the park. Since many nurseries in the U.S. are composed of native and imported plants, it is not  possible that the Periplaneta japonica came from those imported plants.

It is still possible that these new roaches will come and cross the river and into New Jersey. If they are already in New York, it is probable that they will again travel. And, this is not the first time that a demographic shift in pests happened in the U.S. We are probably going to experience another shift in pests although there are still a lot of studies being conducted on them.

How to protect from this potential threat

How can we really protect ourselves from this new potential threat? We have mostly dealt well with so many different pests in the pasts and we are still dealing with new pests now. We could only hope that new effective methods made by professional exterminators are on the way so that we don’t have to find new pest infestations harbouring our homes.

Periplaneta japonica is different from the other cockroach species because it can survive in freezing cold temperature. But, the likelihood of this species mating with the local cockroaches around, thus creating a hybrid cockroach is very unlikely. According to Evangelista, genitals of these roaches fit together  perfectly and they mostly differ in species, which we can assume that they will not fit the other. With that being said, it is still necessary to be cautious when it comes to this new species. High Line says that their team of experts will continue to keep an eye on them, and we highly hope that they do.

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