Drains: The Secret Tunnels That Lead Into Your Home

Spider In A Sink

Seeing a spider, ant or cockroach crawl out of a drain as you brush your teeth or wash your hands is a jarring experience. But if you've dealt with a pest invasion before, chances are good that you noticed these uninvited guests in rooms like the kitchen or bathroom. Drains and plumbing systems provide a great opportunity for pests to enter as they search for food, water, and places to lay eggs. To keep your home pest-free, Horizon Pest Control suggests a few DIY solutions. Need help now? Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Clear the Drain

Insects and other pests can survive on almost any food source, and drains offer a host of them, including hair, food scraped from plates and toothpaste. When these substances build up inside your drain and pipes, pests are drawn to them, feasting on anything they can find.

If you notice slow or clogged drains, clean them immediately to take away this food source. Cleaning drains on a regular schedule can also reduce the chances of attracting pests in the first place. Be sure to consult with a plumber about which substances are safe for use if you prefer to clear drains with a chemical solution.

Patch Leaks

Pests don't just appear in your drain – they have to find a way inside. Gaps in your plumbing connect pests and drains, and even the smallest spaces, cracks and openings allow them to gain access. Tighten any loose fittings, and seal cracks, holes and other openings with caulk whenever possible. Don't restrict your focus to cracks in the pipes, however. Gaps between pipes and the wall and holes around your drain also allow pests to enter as they search for food. Depending on the size of the open space, you may be able to cover it with duct tape. For larger holes, close it up with steel wool or copper mesh. These substances make the opening unpleasant for pests to pass through.

Eliminate Standing Water

What do pests love even more than leftovers? Standing water is at the top of their priority lists. Roaches, flies, and other bugs search for sources of moisture whenever possible, as they prefer humid environments. It's impossible to avoid water altogether when it comes to your pipes and drain, but there are several simple ways to limit how much excess moisture is present to attract and sustain pests.

Keep standing water to a minimum by repairing leaky faucets right away and sealing up any dripping pipes. Both issues create water sources that are irresistible to most pests. If condensation collects on the outside of your pipes, wrap them in foam insulation to prevent moisture buildup. You may also wish to reduce overall humidity with a dehumidifier or install cold pipes if the problem persists.

For Best Results, Consult a Professional

Given the complexity of drains and pipes, it can be extremely difficult to resolve every issue and eliminate all pests without assistance. If you're still dealing with pests inside the home after taking the steps above, it's time to contact Horizon Pest Control for professional pest removal. Our experienced residential pest control team serves homeowners throughout Northern New Jersey, including Somerset, Bergen, Passaic, Hudson, Essex, Morris, Union, Middlesex, Mercer and Monmouth Counties. To receive a free quote, call 888-612-2847 today.

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