Four Baby Raccoons Were Reunited With Their Mother After Being Rescued From Behind A Library Wall

A few days ago, at a library in Maryland, employees noticed a sound coming from the ceiling. After investigating the sound for several minutes, library staff came to the conclusion that at least one raccoon was stuck somewhere behind a library wall. The sounds had been coming from four raccoons that became trapped behind a wall of drywall and steel. While situations like this do not always turn out well, the four baby raccoons were freed and happily reunited with their mother.Raccoon Control New Jersey

When city personnel first inspected the situation, the raccoons had already become malnourished, and they were not sure if the raccoons could be freed in time to save their lives. In order to free the trapped raccoons, library staff studied the library’s blueprints, but they eventually called upon the city’s public works department for help breaking through the wall. City employees had to first cut through drywall, which was the easy part, but then they had to cut through brick and finally through steel in order to access the baby raccoons. Once workers reached the raccoons, they noticed that the animals had just peeled open their eyes for what was probably the first time. The baby raccoons were estimated to be around ten days old, and they probably could not see during their ordeal.

One day after the raccoons were freed, the four babies and their mother appeared to be healthy. As soon as the raccoons have fully recovered their health, they will be sent to a wildlife rehabilitation facility before eventually being released back into the wild. On a more tragic note, authorities are investigating the death of a raccoon that was recorded and posted to Youtube by an unknown user. The manner in which the raccoon was killed was not disclosed, but three different government departments are looking into the matter.

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