How Do You Get Rid of Pigeons?

Pigeons On Roof

When you think of pests, rodents and bugs immediately come to mind. Wildlife nuisance animals can cause just as much damage and be just as irritating, however, especially pigeons. When these birds flock on your roof or in your parking lots, they have the potential to spread illness, diminish the appearance of your property, and more. Fortunately, with a few simple pigeon control tips from the Horizon Pest Control team, you can encourage birds to move on with minimal hassle.

The Pigeon Problem

A few pigeons might seem harmless, but any birds congregating in large numbers can spell trouble for business owners. Aside from annoyances like noise, pigeon waste creates unsanitary conditions and can make it almost impossible to keep windows, walls, and sidewalks clean. Not only is this unsightly, but pigeon waste can also make walkways slippery and deteriorate structures if not removed. Droppings may also spur the growth of fungus, and the birds themselves carry several diseases that can be extremely dangerous for your employees and customers.

This situation will only worsen when female pigeons choose your property for a nesting location. Female pigeons are drawn to high ledges, the tops of HVAC units, and any other elevated spot where they can find privacy and safety from predators and bad weather. This provides the ideal place to hatch chicks, which will increase the pigeon population, produce even more waste, and contaminate the area with bird mites, ticks, fleas, and more. Over time, your place of business will become unsafe and far less welcoming unless pigeons are removed.

Simple Pigeon Control Solutions

While traps and sprays might work for insects or rodents, they are not recommended for the removal of pigeons. Shooting or killing the birds can be dangerous, and may even be illegal depending on your municipality’s laws. And although homeowners may find success in using wind chimes or predator decoys, these solutions aren’t ideal for businesses. Instead, Horizon Pest Control recommends integrated pest management (IPM) for humane deterrence and prevention.

IPM allows pest control technicians to eliminate nesting opportunities and make your property less attractive to pigeons. This involves a thorough inspection to identify problem areas and treatments that restrict access. These include perch modification, which can use a combination of angled ledges, spikes, spring wire systems, or electrical units to make your roof, eaves, and other tempting perches unwelcoming. Weatherproof string, mesh screens, and gauze can also be used to create barriers to prime nesting locations that make it harder for pigeons to move in.

Pest control techs can also identify any food sources on your property and devise a plan to eliminate them. Pigeons are drawn to human food waste and birdfeeders for other species, and sweeping sidewalks, covering trash receptacles, and removing feeders can help send them in search of more accessible food.

Get Help from the Pigeon Control Experts

If you need assistance with getting rid of pigeons, look to Horizon Pest Control. Our highly trained technicians can provide bird management and other commercial pest control services to keep your property free of nuisance animals and more. As a family-owned business, our team is dedicated to customer satisfaction at the time of treatment and every day going forward. To learn more about our pigeon control solutions for Northern and Central New Jersey businesses, request a free quote today.

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