Insects Were Found In Several Sealed Granola Packages That Were Served At A School

Everyone remembers the poor quality of food that was served within their school cafeterias. Perhaps not everyone opted for the school lunch option, and those who were lucky enough to bring their own packed lunches to school from home were the envy of all kids who were involuntarily limited to school lunches. The benefits of healthy eating are being touted more and more by dieticians, nutritionists, trainers, doctors and many other professionals. The increased attention that is being paid to healthy eating has, luckily, resulted in school lunches that are far healthier than the ones anyone over the age of thirty remembers from their elementary school days. For example, instead of tasteless squares of mystery meat, or dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets, school children of today are being fed healthier foods like sugarless drinks and fruits. Granola is often served within modern school cafeterias as a healthy dessert option. Unfortunately, one school has managed to take make even pre-packaged granola a hazard, as three students recently reported finding mites within their granola snacks.

During the first week of September, not even one month into the school year, students at Madison Middle School in Monroe County, Tennessee found strange insect-like creatures within their granola. The granola was included as a side in the school’s lunch. In response to this disturbing discovery on the part of students, the area’s Director of Schools, Tim Blankenship, sent letters to all of the students’ parents concerning the incident. The letter states that flour mites were found within the school-served granola. While the director’s honesty concerning the matter is commendable, he also stressed that only three students reported the insects to staff, suggesting that this incident may have been made up by mischievous students. Furthermore, one female student took video footage of the insects. Experts say that the insects are indeed larvae, but they may not be mite larvae as claimed, but rather, fly larvae. In case you do not know, fly larvae are also known as maggots. This has put the school in hot water, as past issues concerning sanitation within the school have been brought up before by parents.

Do you worry about possible insect contaminated food items being served at your child’s school?


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