Learn how Rodents are Effecting Everyday Americans

Rodents invade approximately 21 million of U.S. homes each year. These pest love the fall and winter since 45% of their occurrence happen on that season, 29% during spring, and 28% during summer.

Understanding America's Rodent Problem will help you protect your health and property

To be able to guard you and your family from rodents here are the common places where you can mostly expect them:

  • 24% attic and garage
  • 11% bathroom
  • 50% kitchen
  • 22% bedrooms
  • 25% living room
  • 27% basement
  • 9% someplace else

Statistics of where these rodents are found around the U.S.

  • 28 % in the West
  • 22 % in the Midwest
  • 30 % in the South
  • 35 % in the Northeast


Damages These Rodents Make

  • Can create an infestation since a female mouse can lay as 12 young every three weeks
  • Can easily spread salmonella and carry disease-causing parasites such as ticks, fleas lice
  • Capable of dropping 25,000 fecal pellets every year
  • Can chew through wood and electrical wires, which increase the risk of electrical fires

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