Cockroaches in your yard? Don’t use Gas and a Match!

We get it no one likes cockroaches, we also get that pleasing your wife is very important! But we implore you call a professional next time your wife asks you to remove any pest from your yard!  Don't be this guy!

A Brazilian man Cesar Schmitz 48, luckily walked away with no injuries just a bruised ego after he decided to remove cockroaches from his wife's garden with some gas and a match.


According to an article in the NY Post:

Schmitz's said “My wife complained that there was a lot of roaches invading our garden, She is scared of them and begged me to destroy their nest under the ground once and for all.”

Schmitz's security camera caught the viral footage.  You can see him throw a few matches into the ground and BOOM!  His yard is turned upside down.  Luckily only the yard was destroyed and he and his two dogs walked away.

If you have a critter, a roach problem, wasps whatever it may be, Contact us!  Don't use Gasoline and a Match!

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