Millions Of Captive Cockroaches Escape From A Farm

Millions Of Captive Cockroaches Escape From A Farm

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Cockroach farms are increasing rapidly in China as demand for roaches has skyrocketed in recent months. The wealthiest cockroach-entrepreneur in China owns six different farms that are currently populated with over ten million cockroaches. Some of these roaches are being raised for human consumption, while others are being raised for medical purposes. At least five pharmaceutical companies are purchasing mass amounts of cockroaches from farmers in order to use the roaches for traditional Chinese medicine. South Korean companies are also making roach farmers rich by purchasing the insects for research into human disease. Researchers in China are buying roaches in order to use them for the development of certain medicines. Some of these medicines may prove useful for treating receding hairlines, cancer and AIDS. It goes without saying that cockroaches are treated with a greater degree of respect in China than they are in the United States. As beneficial as cockroaches have been in China, a farm located in Dafeng, in the eastern province of Jiangsu, has recently come under fire in response to a mass escape of cockroaches from the farm.

According to news sources in China, a greenhouse that contained millions of cockroaches was recently vandalized by an unknown perpetrator. The damage to the greenhouse allowed for the escape of at least one million cockroaches into the countryside. Government authorities in China are determined to put an end to the mass roach activity that has now found shelter in cornfields that are located near the farm. Disease control authorities have dispatched five investigators to the area in order to formulate a plan for eradicating the cockroaches. The owner of the farm invested thousands of dollars in the cockroach eggs after developing a business plan over a six month period. Although the farmer has not released any comments relating to the unfortunate situation, it can be assumed that his roaches will not be returned to him.

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