Numerous Hotel Chains Are Investing Money In Bed Bug Control Research

Numerous Hotel Chains Are Investing Money In Bed Bug Control Research

It is no secret that hotels and motels are often found with bed bug infestations. As bed bug populations grow, so does the rate at which they are being reported in hotels and motels. News reports telling about these infestations are numerous, and this is making people less willing to check into hotels and motels. This issue is even affecting rich celebrities who lodge only in the most glamorous and expensive of hotels. For example, a Brazilian fashion model who has worked with Victoria’s Secret and many other major labels is now suing a classy hotel in California in response to a bed bug attack that she suffered at the hotel. If a millionaire fashion model can fall victim to a bed bug attack within a ritzy hotel, then people will assume that bed bugs would be all but inevitable in a Motel 6. Not surprisingly, the increasing rate of bed bug infestations in hotels, and the media coverage that they receive, is turning people off from the hospitality industry. The hospitality industry is currently being bombarded with bed bug related lawsuits filed by victims of bed bug attacks. These lawsuits have been common for several years, and the hotels are never the winners. These lawsuits cost hotels millions. Single lawsuits over bed bug attacks in hotels have forced owners to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars, and in some cases, millions. In other words, bed bugs are making life hard for hotel and motel owners all over the world, but especially in the United States where the legal system rarely rules in their favor.

Studies show that, on average, each hotel within the United States spends more than six thousand dollars for every bed bug incident that occurs. Hotels are losing money on replacement bedding, bed bug treatments, and a loss of business. Amazingly, this high figure does not include litigation costs. When these costs are added, each hotel spends more than twenty three thousand dollars per bed bug incident. Given the rate at which bed bug incidents in hotels have been increasing over the years, experts predict that bed bug issues will soon cost hotels and motels a whopping one hundred and sixty thousand dollars per incident.

Does the increase in bed bug activity within hotels and motels make you weary about checking into one?

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