One Resident’s Filthy Home Has Resulted In A Neighborhood-Wide Infestation Of Thousands Of Cockroaches

It is not uncommon for people to get into petty squabbles with their neighbors. Maybe your neighbor has a tree in his yard that is hanging over your driveway, or maybe another neighbor plays excessively loud music every Saturday night. Perhaps the most common of all neighborhood conflicts involve pets. If you live within a residential neighborhood, then you know that an endless amount of complaints can be made over pets wandering onto nearby lawns. However, one recent neighborhood conflict in a town located within the state of Ohio involves cockroaches, and they are not anybody’s pets.

For the past several months, numerous residents living in a neighborhood located within the Ohio town of Elyria have been complaining to city officials about their neighbor’s cockroach problem. One resident, Dave Horton, filed a complaint with the city months ago. This complaint alleged that Horton’s neighbor had been refusing to eradicate an in-home cockroach infestation. Normally, Horton may not have cared whether or not his neighbor took advantage of commercial pest control services. However, according to Horton, his neighbor’s cockroach infestation became so large that numerous cockroaches eventually started to migrate onto Horton’s property, and even within his own home.

Horton is certainly not the only resident to complain about his neighbor’s cockroach infestation. Another neighbor found cockroaches within her home and even within her car; she had no doubt in her mind that the roaches came from her neighbor’s roach-infested home. Another resident said that her neighbor had been coexisting with a cockroach infestation for years, and it was only a matter of time before the roaches would start to look elsewhere for living space.

Numerous complaints from several different neighborhood residents were filed with the city. Eventually, this prompted officials to inspect the home for themselves. The officials found that the tremendous amount of filth within the affected home had created the perfect conditions for cockroach infestation and proliferation. Due to this long-running cockroach infestation, thousands of cockroaches have migrated into at least five nearby homes. In response to the home’s condition and the neighborhood pest disturbance that originated within the filthy home, the city officially condemned the structure. The home’s landlord was ordered to have the cockroaches professionally removed in order to prevent further infestations elsewhere. According to some residents who have been victimized by the cockroaches, eradicating the cockroaches from their own property has cost thousands of dollars. So far, no lawsuits have been filed against the home’s former tenant or the owner.

Have you ever been affected by an insect infestation that originated from a neighbor’s home?

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