Why People Find Bugs to be Scary

pest control njThere are many things that people fear, but fear of insects and bugs, also known as Entomophobia or Acarophobia is one that is very common. Americans spend over 168 million annually on bug repellents alone.

Bugs are known as pests and with good reason. Whether mosquitoes, flies, ants, roaches, bees, ticks, fleas or less common household and outdoor bugs - many will agree that they don't want them around. If it's not for the fact that many of them carry and distribute nasty diseases and infections like West Nile or lyme disease, it's sheerly to prevent annoyance and having bugs crawling on or around food or their families.

Pests like bedbugs - which are commonly an issue in major cities - can also cause quality of life issues and lead to lengthy, costly in depth processes to ensure that the problem is eradicated. The money that can potentially get lost in having to dispose of any infested clothing, blankets or furniture is also a concern.

pest control nj

Add to it that for some, a bite from a particular type of bug, like a bee can be fatal and require immediate medical attention or an EpiPen in order to prevent death or further complications. The fear of getting bitten and having to go through a near death experience can cause anxiety, fear and even trigger a more expanded version of the phobia into other bugs and situations.

Termite infestation in a home can potentially lead to a ton of damage if not caught in time and be a costly problem to fix. In tropical climates, mosquitoes are often much larger in size than in the US and they can carry life threatening diseases, like Malaria. Malaria can be very difficult to prevent as well as to treat. Bites from fleas back in the 14th century, which were carried on the backs of rats caused the devastating spread of the Black Plague, also known as the Black Death in Europe. It was as simple as fleas biting other humans and animals and cross contaminating the victims due to infected blood.

Sufficed to say of the aforementioned facts, a fear of bugs can be a very logical one. So can being proactive to prevent and treat infestation and calling in a team of professional experts if you are experiencing a problem with bugs or pests in your home.  If you need an exterminator in NJ today, call us!

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