NJ Commercial Bed Bug Control

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NJ Commercial Bed Bug Control

Pro-active® Approach

Horizon realizes that the presence or threat of bed bug infestations on your property poses major concerns. The perception of an “unhealthy” environment and the liability and reputation damage attached to bed bug infested hotels, apartments, condos, hospitals, nursing homes and other multi-unit living spaces are the primary reasons that you cannot afford to allow bed bugs to occupy your property.


  • The application of product takes place before a bed bug infestation occurs so that when bed bugs are introduced, an infestation will not be able to establish itself and grow into a massive problem.
  • The materials are long lasting which provides peace of mind between services.
  • It is a budget friendly approach.
  • Although bed bugs can still be brought in, the cost to treat them is cut in half.
  • We provide you with documentation that serves as proof that your business has taken all precautions possible to prevent a bed bug infestation from occurring in your establishment.
  • Peace of mind for employees that you are getting ahead of the problem and less fearful about bringing bed bugs home with them.
  • Part of the ProActive approach is to help educate your clients, tenants, and employees with steps they can take to further reduce their risk at home and at work.

Although it is impossible to stop the introduction of Bed Bugs into a property, you can reduce the possibility of an infestation occurring and then spreading to other rooms with help from Horizon.Horizon Pest Control will tailor a Pro-Active® program to fit your specific property needs!

We can help you protect your property, employees, customers and YOUR REPUTATION!

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Why Choose Horizon?

Reasons to Work with Horizon Pest Control
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