Public Health Officials Warn Against Using Wasps As An Ingredient In A Popular Cocktail

Public Health Officials Warn Against Using Wasps As An Ingredient In A Popular Cocktail

Edible insect products are beginning to make their way into the United States. Many Americans are not willing to consume bugs, but clever marketing may convert some young people to a diet consisting partly of insects. During the last few years of constant edible insect propaganda, most Americans now associate only certain bugs with the new edible insect fad. For example, crickets and grasshoppers are the two most discussed and popular types of edible insects in America. Some Americans have become convinced that crickets and grasshoppers taste good based on numerous reports concerning their taste. The few Americans who have tried and enjoyed grasshoppers and crickets may now believe that they have successfully transitioned into edible insect enthusiasts. However, if these edible insect fans in America knew which insects were being served in South Korea, they may rethink their commitment to an edible insect diet. Recently in South Korea the head of the Government’s Food Ministry warned the public against mixing wasps with alcoholic beverages.

Officials with South Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety have claimed that mixing wasps with alcohol can cause health issues. Many South Koreans have started adding wasps to the popular regional alcoholic beverage known as soju. This particular cocktail has become popular in the country during recent years, and an entire subculture has formed around the consumption of this wasp-based cocktail.

Drinkers of the wasp-based soju beverage believe that the concoction protects against high blood pressure and diabetes. According to Kim Seung-hwan, a researcher at the Food and Drug Safety Ministry, this concoction causes more harm than good to those who consume it, and its purported health benefits are all rumors that started online several years ago. Recently, South Korean officials have noticed that some citizens are selling their own wasp-containing alcoholic beverage recipes on the internet. Also, an illegal wasp-based soju shop has been uncovered by South Korean authorities in the country. This event prompted the South Korean government to crack down on the dangerous fad. Potentially fatal allergic reactions are one of the most alarming consequences of consuming wasp-based soju.

Do you believe that wasp-based soju will remain popular in South Korea despite government-led efforts to curb the consumption of these beverages?


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