Soon Termites Will Likely Cause Massive Property Damages In The Last Place You Would Expect

Soon Termites Will Likely Cause Massive Property Damages In The Last Place You Would Expect

Researchers from many scientific fields are becoming increasingly concerned over the effect that climate change is having on termite populations in North America. Several studies have already demonstrated that climate change results in northward migrations of many insect species. For example, the skipper butterfly has increased its habitat range by more than three hundred kilometers within the span of thirty years. This butterfly species is native to the West Coast, and its habitat has expanded well into northern areas that were once too cold to support its survival. The skipper butterfly is certainly not the only insect species that is moving farther north, but what about termites? Although most experts agree that termites will also be migrating north as the climate warms, there is not yet any convincing scientific evidence to demonstrate this theory. This is mostly due to the slow migratory movements of termites relative to other insect species, especially flying insects. Despite this lack of evidence, many experts believe that termite infestations will increase dramatically in northern regions in the coming years. Unfortunately, preventative anti-termite treatments are not applied to many structures in the north since termite infestations are not common in this region. Therefore, termite migrations to the north may have devastating economic consequences in the future unless preventative termite control measures are quickly adopted in the northern states and Canada.

The northern regions that are most vulnerable to future termite invasions include the upper midwest, the northeast, and southern Canada. In the coming years, the southern region of the US will likely not see an increase in termite-induced destruction since most southern states have laws requiring preventative termite treatments. However, most northern states don’t require the application of preventative termite control measures on property. Therefore, future termite damage will likely become more widespread and difficult to contain in these states. Such a termite invasion would incur economic costs that would be astronomical, and ultimately unmanageable. Luckily, experts are working with state governmental officials to bring building codes up to date in northern states. Hopefully this collaboration will prove fruitful.

Do you think that a future crisis will develop involving mass termite damages in the north?

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