Stink Bugs this Fall and Ways to Stop Them

New Jersey Stink Bug Control

Stink bugs commonly invade homes, farms, and gardens during the fall. As the adult stink bugs look for wintering sites, these bugs will swarm in great numbers and invade outside buildings, windowsills, near doors, and other entry points. They can also invade vegetation outdoors. When these bugs gain entry inside homes, they can stay almost anywhere, such as under sofas or beds, in attics, basements, behind baseboard, and so on.

Although they may stay near or inside homes, these bugs cannot reproduce in homes nor they will not cause structural damage to it. They do not bite people or pets, and do not transmit diseases. However, these pests can be a great nuisance as they invade in hundreds or even thousands. When these bugs are crushed, they emit a foul smell, which suits their name since they really stink.

Stink bugs come in a variety of colors. They can be found, in green, black, brown, and so on. Their shield also contains distinct markings. Most of the time, the stink bugs that you will mostly find are the ones with the brownish appearance, although the green color stink bugs can also be found. Stink bugs are between 1/3 inch and ¾ inch in length. They are also known as shield bugs since their outer shell looks like a shield. They have a triangular shape or an almost rounded shape.

Damage Made by Stink Bugs

When stink bugs invade, they will mostly need to feed on plants and fruits. They love feeding on apples, peaches, figs, mulberries, persimmons, citrus fruits, corns, soybeans, weeds, beans, and so on. This insect is becoming an agricultural pest as it can create great loses on food made for human consumption.

Stopping Stink Bugs

If your home is prone to stink bug invasion make sure that you conduct mechanical exclusion to stop them from entering your premises. Make certain that cracks around windows, doors, utility pipes, siding, and other possible openings are sealed before these bugs come. Also, doors and windows that are damaged should be replaced or fixed.

Stink bugs can be eliminated with the use of pesticides even when they have already gone inside the home. However, the problem with insecticide after they kill the bugs, is that they attract other insects such as carpet beetles. The replacing bugs will feed on the dead stink bugs, the ones that you were not able to get rid of, and will eventually feed on other items inside your home, such as dry goods, woolens, and so on. You can also vacuum these bugs, but as a fair warning, your vacuum will smell pretty bad after.

A better move is to set a trap for these stinky bugs. Since they are attracted to light, and cannot swim, use a desk lamp with a tub of soapy water underneath it, thus creating your own DIY trap. There are also available stink bag traps available in hardware stores that you can use. If all else fail, call your local pest exterminator to get rid of these stink bugs and their eggs.

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