The Rat Population Is Booming In The United States

Growing rat populations have been an issue for many American citizens this fall, as the unlikable animals have been inflicting thousands of dollars in property damages. In the northwest US, rats are destroying car engines. In New York City, rats are violently competing with raccoons for food sources, and in Washington DC, the town’s rat infestation is moving into the White House.

Rats are currently invading the greater Seattle area, as they have been spotted by numerous residents in places where rats are not typically found. The rat invasion comprises tens of thousands of the rodents and they are becoming more bold as their population increases in size. One Seattle resident, Igor Rozmarih, claims that rats have been drinking the transmission fluid and the antifreeze from his car engine. Due to this problem, he has to check his engine’s fluid levels every morning, but he claimed to be afraid of opening his car hood, as a scared rat may jump toward him.

Rozmarih and other people who live within the Bellevue condo complex have been reporting rats within their cars. Apparently, rats are crawling into cars and causing severe and expensive damages. The engine area beneath a car’s hood makes for an ideal rat habitat, as the environment is warm, dark, enclosed and the many pipes and wires mimic the tree branches and twigs that are found within outdoor rat habitats. According to the apartment residents, rats crawl into the car engines at night when nobody can see them, and once the residents start their car in the morning, the damage is revealed. One local pest control expert claimed that rats treat the wires within a car’s engine as if they were plant stems, which causes numerous problems for the car owners. This expert also claimed that in his 30 years of experience as a pest control professional, he received a call about rats within a car engine about once or twice every six years, but now it is once or twice every two weeks. Many citizens who have been affected by rat shenanigans want the local government to step in in order to help control the pests.

Have you ever found an animal of any kind nesting within your car?



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