The Winter-Proof Cockroach

Cockroach ControlA lot of people are thinking that because winter is here, homes may be spared from pests. But the truth is, different bugs are around and active during winter. A particular pest that many are curious about is the appearance of the winter proof cockroach, or the periplaneta japonica.

The Periplaneta japonica is commonly found in Asia, but unfortunately, has found its way into the United States, particularly in New York. They were first met in 2012 in a park in New York by an exterminator who knew he had found a new breed of cockroach. The cockroaches were later sent to the University of Florida to be analyzed.

While there are still insufficient studies as to how these winter-proof cockroaches can affect other cockroach species, or how well they can disturb homes and businesses, most are not looking forward to the periplaneta japonica becoming a permanent resident in the U.S. One particular reason for the low enthusiasm for this breed is because their nymphs are also able to survive in snow for long periods of time. This means that the cockroach is mostly pernicious. They can withstand the long winter cold because they use a natural antifreeze called trehalose. This natural antifreeze allows them to stay alive and have their nymphs survive as well.

The periplaneta japonica is mostly found in Japan, China, and Korea and may have found its way in the United States by hitchhiking on imported plants, soils, luggage, or garbage. Although the exterminator who found the cockroaches in the park said that they had exterminated the cockroaches as soon as they were found, it should be acknowledged that cockroaches are resilient and clever. It is possible that some of them are still out there.

If these cockroaches becomes accustomed to the snow of New York and the environment it offers, it is possible that these cockroaches will stick around. This will be a problem for New Yorkers since the city also caters to different pests and cockroach species. It is still good to note that the periplaneta japonica do not hybrid, meaning that their species can only mate with another periplaneta japonica. If they are not able to meet another cockroach of their species, then they may eventually die off without creating eggs. However, if there are sufficient numbers of them, it may be possible for them to make New York their new home.

As the species invaded Korea, China, and Japan, studies have shown their resilience to cold and extreme weather. If this species has already made its way to New York, it is possible that it can live very well outdoors during winter. They can live both indoors and outdoors and can create nymphs that are also resilient to snow. The only good site to their appearance is that they cannot create hybrid roaches. So far, their first and last appearance was in the High Line, New York, and they have not appeared since then. Most New Yorkers would not await the day for this new species to become a regular in their household.

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