What Are Exclusion Services?

Roach On A FaucetHaving pests at your place of business is a frustrating experience that can cause health code violations and safety concerns, as well as an unpleasant environment for guests and workers. When they appear, you call the exterminator as soon as possible. But what if you could stop rodents, insects, and other pests before they ever got inside? With pest exclusion services, you have the power to do exactly that. Learn more about how pest exclusion works with this in-depth look from Horizon Pest Control.

What is Pest Exclusion?

When it comes to commercial pest control, exclusion is the first line of defense, and it’s a critical part of protecting your property. Structural pest exclusion is a preventative approach designed to keep pests out before they ever get in. This involves a thorough examination of all the entry points in your facility that you may not be aware of, such as:

  • Cracks in the foundation
  • Holes and other openings
  • Space underneath doors
  • Drains and garbage chutes
  • Utility openings and crawl spaces
  • Pipes, vents, and ducts
  • Expanding foam insulation

After entry points are identified, they are sealed with the proper materials, denying pests entry to your business. Pest managers can also exclude birds and other wild animals, making precise use of traps and other deterrence methods to keep your property free of their presence. To keep termites at bay, experts apply a liquid barrier, making use of wood-destroying insect reports for precise targeting. Best of all, pest exclusion experts know how to deploy these methods without creating odors, mess, or other issues that diminish the professionalism of your workplace.

The Benefits of Pest Exclusion

Our commercial clients make pest exclusion a key component of their overall pest control strategy because it’s effective and efficient. This approach offers several benefits alone and in combination with other methods, including:

  • The power of prevention. Have you heard the old saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? In the case of pest control, it’s true. By taking proactive action to keep pests out, you significantly reduce your risk for property damage, contamination, and other concerns.
  • No chemicals. At Horizon Pest Control, we only use chemical treatments that are safe for people and the environment. However, pest exclusion relies entirely on natural, chemical-free approaches for those who prefer to avoid insecticides and other chemical options.
  • Long-term savings. While pests are small, they can cause large amounts of damage in extremely short periods. This can include erosion of the structural supports for your facility, damage to wiring and pipes, cosmetic damage, and more. Additionally, products and even equipment contaminated by pests must often be replaced, resulting in lost productivity and profits.

When it comes to pests, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If your business hasn’t turned to pest exclusion services from a reputable contractor, there’s no better time than the present to do so.

Rely on Horizon Pest Control

With 40 years of unmatched service in the industry, Horizon Pest Control uses the most advanced exclusion methods to block pests and keep them away for good. Our technicians are AIB certified and maintain a professional appearance whenever visiting client facilities. To learn more about pest exclusion services, request a free quote today or call 888-612-2847 to speak with a representative about commercial pest control.

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