Why Do Crickets Chirp?

Cricket On A LeafIf there’s a cricket around, you’ll likely know right away. Crickets make very distinct chirping sounds, usually at night, that are so loud they’re hard to ignore. Contrary to popular belief, there is a rhyme and reason behind the chirping sounds. In this blog post, Horizon Pest Control explains what the chirping means and what you can do to silence these pesky sounds.

Meaning behind the Chirping

There are many different species of crickets, and each one might have its own unique sounds. For example, house crickets create loud, continuous chirps, mainly at night. Field crickets, on the other hand, are a little bit lower in pitch and can also be heard during the day. But despite these slight nuances in sound, most chirping noises all have the same meanings.

The most common sounds are actually mating calls. Crickets produce these chirping sounds when they are trying to attract and woo mates. They also make similar sounds when they’re trying to ward off the competition and mark their territory. The mating season for crickets typically starts in late spring and continues throughout the summer, which is why you hear the chirp so frequently in the warmer months. Once the eggs are laid and the year goes on, the chirping sounds coming from your yard become gradually less prevalent.

How Do Crickets Chirp?

Usually when animals produce sound, it comes from their vocal cords. Think humans, birds, cats and more. But that’s not the case with crickets. Their chirping noises are made by their wings instead. One wing has a “file” and the other has a “scraper”. When these parts are rubbed together, crickets are able to create and amplify sounds in order to communicate with each other. It’s important to note that only male crickets have these parts, and so only they can create the chirping sounds you hear.

What to Do When the Chirping Becomes Annoying

Some people like to hear the sound of crickets chirping because it signifies that summer is here. Others find it peaceful and even inspiring. In fact, crickets have actually inspired classical music. If you've ever savored the sounds of "El Grillo," created by famous French composer Josquin des Prez in 1505, you've enjoyed music inspired by these insects. Translated, its title means “The Cricket.” And while chirping crickets might be enjoyable while sitting out on the porch at night, it’s not something you necessarily want to hear inside your house. Unfortunately, crickets can get inside and become a problem, which is when it’s time to call in the pest professionals.

Crickets can get inside a house through several different ways. One of the most obvious routes is through an open door or window. They can also enter through cracks in the foundation, under gaps in doorways, crevices in siding and more. Because crickets are able to feed off things indoors, such as fabrics, they can stick around for quite awhile. Plus, if crickets – which are relatively large compared to other insects – can get in, then it’s a red flag that other pests potentially can, too.

Need Pest Control? We Have You Covered

Whether you’re dealing with chirping crickets or another type of pest inside the home, Horizon Pest Control can help. We specialize in a wide variety of bugs, insects, rodents and animals in both residential and commercial buildings. Don’t let bugs get in the way of enjoying your home this season. Instead, give us a call at 888-612-2847. We’ll get you started with a free quote.

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