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  • What Are Exclusion Services?
    Having pests at your place of business is a frustrating experience that can cause health code violations and safety concerns, as well as an unpleasant environment for guests and workers. When they appear, you call the exterminator as soon as possible. But what if you could stop rodents, insects, and other pests before they ever got inside? With pest exclusion services, you have the power to do exactly that. Learn more about how pest exclusion works with this in-depth look from Horizon Pest Control. What is Pest Exclusion? When it comes to commercial pest control, exclusion is the first line…
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  • How Much Will Having a Cat Deter Mice?
    If you have a mouse problem in your home, chances are you’ve heard that owning a cat can be a great, natural way to get rid of them. After all, our feline companions are known for hunting small creatures like mice, birds, chipmunks, and more. But is your cat as good as an exterminator? Horizon Pest Control takes a closer look at mice control with cats to get to the truth. The Benefit of Cats Some cats are excellent hunters and will chase mice away. Cats still draw on their more wild tendencies when it comes to the instinct of…
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  • Drains: The Secret Tunnels That Lead Into Your Home
    Seeing a spider, ant or cockroach crawl out of a drain as you brush your teeth or wash your hands is a jarring experience. But if you've dealt with a pest invasion before, chances are good that you noticed these uninvited guests in rooms like the kitchen or bathroom. Drains and plumbing systems provide a great opportunity for pests to enter as they search for food, water, and places to lay eggs. To keep your home pest-free, Horizon Pest Control suggests a few DIY solutions. Need help now? Contact us today to schedule a consultation. Clear the Drain Insects and…
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  • Citronella Ants: What Are They?
    Many different types of pests can infiltrate your house. One of the more interesting creatures in this category is the citronella ant, which is commonly found in the eastern U.S. Learn how to identify this pest with help from Horizon Pest Control, so if an infestation occurs, you'll know exactly what to do to rid your home of citronella ants. Identifying Citronella Ants There are two different types of citronella ant with some distinct characteristics and behavior traits that allow you to tell them apart. The two types include: Swarmers: Given the name, you can probably deduce that this is…
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