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  • Are Landlords Responsible For Pest Control?
    When homeowners have pest problems, the next step is easy: they pick up the phone and call Horizon Pest Control. But things may be less clear for landlords and their tenants. Who is responsible for handling pest control in rented properties? Learn more about pest control for landlords and tenants to understand your responsibilities when bugs, mice, or other pests make a property less welcoming. The Landlord's Responsibility Every landlord wants to offer well-maintained properties that attract tenants, and pest control plays an important role. Should critters find their way inside your rental property, you must take action quickly to…
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  • How Often Should Pest Control Be Done?
    Whether you can see them or not, trust us when we say that pests are always trying to enter your home. Even if you clean on a daily basis, a lot more needs to be considered when figuring out the frequency of your pest control schedule. Here’s a look at some of the best practices for residential pest control and how often Horizon Pest Control recommends you should be taking these precautions. The Importance of Regular Pest Control You may be wondering why routine pest control services are necessary to begin with, especially if you normally don’t have frequent encounters…
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  • Cockroaches in your yard? Don’t use Gas and a Match!
    We get it no one likes cockroaches, we also get that pleasing your wife is very important! But we implore you call a professional next time your wife asks you to remove any pest from your yard!  Don't be this guy! A Brazilian man Cesar Schmitz 48, luckily walked away with no injuries just a bruised ego after he decided to remove cockroaches from his wife's garden with some gas and a match.   According to an article in the NY Post: Schmitz's said “My wife complained that there was a lot of roaches invading our garden, She is…
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  • Can a Bed Bug Vacuum Help Get Rid of Your Infestation?
    If you’re battling a bed bug infestation, you’re not alone. In fact, these instances are on the rise across northern and central New Jersey, and keeping your bedroom and sheets clean is not enough to keep them at bay. That’s where the question of a bed bug infestation comes into play – can the right one really eliminate bed bugs entirely from your home? Here’s a look at the pros and cons, as well as why you should still consider utilizing the professional bed bug extermination services of Horizon Pest Control Advantages of Bed Bug Vacuums Unlike ordinary vacuums, a…
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