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  • How Do You Control Garden Pests Organically?
    If you have a garden, you know upkeep is important. From consistent watering and sunlight to careful weeding and the unique needs of specific plants, the avid gardener has a lot to focus on. After all this hard work, there’s nothing worse than watching pests damage your plants and undo your efforts. There are plenty of ways to eliminate these unwanted intruders, but you may worry about the risks of harsh chemicals near your food, family, and pets. Fortunately, Horizon Pest Control has a few suggestions for natural garden pest control to safeguard your harvest and your loved ones. Manual…
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  • Will Pest Control Get Rid of Snakes?
    Snakes are an important part of our ecosystem, controlling rodent and insect populations, and providing food for other predators. Despite these benefits, you still don’t want snakes living at your place of business. But how can you get rid of them, and can pest control specialists help? The question is a complicated one for New Jersey business owners, but removal and prevention are possible with a legally compliant, humane approach. To learn more, take a closer look at pest control for snakes with Horizon Pest Control Legal Limits on Pest Control for Snakes If your property becomes infested with termites,…
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  • How Do You Get Rid of Pigeons?
    When you think of pests, rodents and bugs immediately come to mind. Wildlife nuisance animals can cause just as much damage and be just as irritating, however, especially pigeons. When these birds flock on your roof or in your parking lots, they have the potential to spread illness, diminish the appearance of your property, and more. Fortunately, with a few simple pigeon control tips from the Horizon Pest Control team, you can encourage birds to move on with minimal hassle. The Pigeon Problem A few pigeons might seem harmless, but any birds congregating in large numbers can spell trouble for…
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  • Where Do Silverfish Come From?
    Unlike some pests, silverfish won’t bite, spread disease, or even bother you most of the time. In fact, these nocturnal insects prefer to keep out of sight and avoid contact with their human cohabiters. A small, silver- or brown-colored insect, the silverfish is commonly found in many homes and commercial properties and often causes substantial damage over time. Here, Horizon Pest Control explains common silverfish sources, what attracts them, and what you should do if you see them in your space. Common Silverfish Sources Like many pests, silverfish will inhabit any spot that offers comfortable places to stay out of…
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