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  • Entire Towns Have Been Vacated In Response To Massive Termite Invasions
    New Jersey Termite Control Experts Entire Towns Have Been Vacated In Response To Massive Termite Invasions The annual cost of termite damages to public and private properties in America reaches well into the billions. Despite the excessively high cost of termite damage repairs and termite control measures in America, many citizens probably don’t find this number to be all that surprising. It seems like termite-related troubles become more pronounced in America with each passing year. For example, many experts are now in agreement that termites in America are slowly, but surely, migrating northward into areas where termites are not traditionally…
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  • A Swarm Of Asian Hornets Attacked A Fire Service Drone
    A Swarm Of Asian Hornets Attacked A Fire Service Drone When encountering a wasp nest, some people take off running, others poke it with a stick and some simply ignore these nests. However, what should you do if you find a wasp nest on your property, or within a human-populated area? In these cases, the wasp nests should be reported in order to prevent wasp attacks on humans. Local fire departments receive most public calls to remove nests that have been found in populated areas. Typically, one unlucky firefighter is tasked with removing a nest after putting on protective clothing.…
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