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  • Millions Of Captive Cockroaches Escape From A Farm
    Millions Of Captive Cockroaches Escape From A Farm Cockroach farms are increasing rapidly in China as demand for roaches has skyrocketed in recent months. The wealthiest cockroach-entrepreneur in China owns six different farms that are currently populated with over ten million cockroaches. Some of these roaches are being raised for human consumption, while others are being raised for medical purposes. At least five pharmaceutical companies are purchasing mass amounts of cockroaches from farmers in order to use the roaches for traditional Chinese medicine. South Korean companies are also making roach farmers rich by purchasing the insects for research into human…
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  • Is The Queen Termite Responsible For Facilitating Nest Construction?
    Birds and mammals create nests that are not much bigger than themselves, but the nests built by social insects, such as termites, are anything but cramped. In fact, a termite nesting-mound is so large that no single termite can perceive the full scope of a mound’s size. A termite mound is several million times larger than an individual termite, and mounds can take several generations to complete. For termites, the mound is like a world of its own, and even humans cannot help but to marvel at the enormity of some mounds, which can reach 30 feet in height. In…
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  • The Rat Population Is Booming In The United States
    Growing rat populations have been an issue for many American citizens this fall, as the unlikable animals have been inflicting thousands of dollars in property damages. In the northwest US, rats are destroying car engines. In New York City, rats are violently competing with raccoons for food sources, and in Washington DC, the town’s rat infestation is moving into the White House. Rats are currently invading the greater Seattle area, as they have been spotted by numerous residents in places where rats are not typically found. The rat invasion comprises tens of thousands of the rodents and they are becoming…
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  • When Spiders and Carnivorous Plants Team Up
    Most people have heard of carnivorous plants such as the venus flytrap and pitcher plants. These plants are considered enemies of all insects and use trickery to lure in fresh insect prey for them to feast upon. However, it turns out that not all creepy crawlies are in danger from these carnivorous plants, and one in particular actually demonstrates a symbiotic relationship with them. There are several types of spiders that actually use carnivorous pitcher plants in Southeast Asia as their home. So, how do these spiders avoid getting eaten by the plants while being able to safely live inside…
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