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  • The Crazy Reasons Why The Ancient Egyptians Deified The Dung Beetle
    The Crazy Reasons Why The Ancient Egyptians Deified The Dung Beetle The ancient Egyptians are credited with forming one of history's first civilizations. Historians could tell you all about the many accomplishments made by the ancient Egyptians, some good and others not so good. As you can imagine, the ancient Egyptians did get many things wrong, and this includes their beliefs about dung beetles. There are many animals that ancient civilizations held in high regard. For example, most of us know that the ancient Egyptians deified cats. Obviously, scientific knowledge was lacking back then, and that would be putting it…
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  • Some Termite Species Build Mounds In The Most Complicated And Laborious Ways Possible
    The Cornitermes cumulans termite species is abundant in the savannah regions of central South America. This species has been studied recently for its unusually laborious mound-building habits. Most mound-building termite species simply build additions onto their mound structures in order to accommodate their growing colony sizes. However, when C. cumulans colonies grow to the point where mounds need to be altered to accommodate more colony members, this species destroys previous mound structures before rebuilding properly sized mounds from scratch. These two mound-building methods have been known to researchers for several years. The first, and more common mound-building method mentioned above…
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  • Will Skunks Spray Humans With Their Foul-Smelling Bodily Fluid Without Hesitation?
    Considering how foul smelling skunk spray is, most people do not dare take the remotest risk of becoming exposed to the animals. Remaining as far away from skunks as possible seems to be a universal sentiment. Hypothetically, if skunks were not capable of spraying such a fluid, humans would probably be well disposed toward the animals, as skunks seem to enjoy being around humans. This may be common knowledge to those who have had the misfortune of dealing with a skunk presence near their home. Skunks often burrow beneath people’s patios in order to secure a safe structure for nesting,…
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  • Swarms Of Termites Destroyed Thousands Of Houses In What May Be The Most Widespread And Destructive Termite Invasion In History
    Termite infestations are common in middle eastern countries, and this is especially true in the densely populated country of Israel where thousands of homes have become infested with the destructive insect pests. Given Israel’s relatively small size and high population, it can be difficult to locate areas of land that are well suited for the construction of new homes. This problem is exacerbated by Israel’s policy of readily accepting immigrants and refugees into the country, as there does not exist enough real estate to house new citizens. For example, the many refugees that flooded into Israel following the collapse of…
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