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Industries Served

Our New Jersey Pest Control Company Is Equipped to Handle a Range of Facilities

Here at Horizon Pest Control, we are proud to serve a wide range of industries. Backed by 50 years of experience, our New Jersey pest control pros are equipped with all the tools and technology needed to service your commercial business, industrial facility, or municipal building. We offer quality assurance, so you can always protect your investment. And with green solutions that are non-toxic and safe for everyone on your property, there’s no reason not to call Horizon Pest Control for all your New Jersey and New York pest control needs.

To learn more about the industries we serve, call (201) 447-2530 today.

Education Pest Management in New Jersey & New York

A pest sighting in any setting is never a good thing which is why minimizing childhood exposure to negative environmental factors such as pests is of paramount importance.

At Horizon Pest Services, not only are the environmental aspects of our program treated with the utmost importance, we offer only the highest quality solutions for students and educators. By partnering with many local schools through our “The Good, The Bad, and the BUGly” program, we have been able to keep people of all ages informed about pest control, while implementing sensitive programs that get unequaled results. Our goal is to keep local schools pest-free 365 days a year by taking a proactive rather than reactive approach.

Food Processing Pest Management in New Jersey & New York

For food processing facilities, complying with state and federal regulations is a top priority. In order to maintain the highest levels of quality and safety, food processing plants must be clean, sanitized, and free of pests.

From flying insects to rodents, a wide range of pests can infest food processing plants. Stored product pests, like beetles, weevils, moths, and mites, are known for wreaking havoc on food storage facilities. Rats and mice, which are both attracted to food supplies, are also a potential threat. Cockroaches and flies, including drain flies and fruit flies, can multiply rapidly in processing plants, and pigeons, house sparrows, seagulls and starlings can cause physical damage to building materials.

Many of these pests are carriers for a variety of diseases, such as salmonella, staphylococcus, Listeria and E. coli. Their droppings, fur, feathers and nesting material can directly contaminate ingredients, and their presence can cause serious structural damage. Taking all these factors into consideration, pests must be completely eradicated from food processing plants to ensure proper hygiene. That’s where Horizon can help. Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) process exceeds state and/or federal requirements for food processing plants and features three steps. First, our team will inspect indoor and outdoor areas to locate where pests are or may be present. Then, we’ll identify the types of pests most likely to infiltrate your facility. Finally, we’ll apply different methods to eradicate the pests.

Pest Control for Healthcare Facilities in New Jersey & New York

A pest sighting in any healthcare environment is never acceptable. With the potential to spread infection and disease, pests have no place in any healthcare facility. That’s why Horizon Pest Control provides environmentally friendly IPM service, in an effort to reduce any unnecessary exposure of materials within sensitive work areas.

Our pest control experts will start by gaining a full understanding of your needs and your facility. We realize the healthcare market requires an elite level of service and a tailored pest management approach. Fortunately, our service process is not solely reactive, but more importantly, proactive and results-oriented—so you can eliminate the threat or pests in the future, too.

Hospitality Pest Management In New Jersey & New York

In the hospitality industry, all it takes to send a guest packing is one pest sighting. As soon as this happens, your hotel is likely to receive a detrimental review that will impact business for a long time to come. At Horizon Pest Control, we know how important it is for your business to remain 100% pest-free, which is why we’ve developed specific protocols just for the hospitality industry.

Horizon helps prevent and control a range of pests in New Jersey & New York hotels, including:

  • Bedbugs: These pesky bugs are often brought into hotels by guests and can survive for months without food. A female bedbug can lay anywhere from 200 to 500 eggs per month, which can quickly lead to an infestation.
  • Cockroaches: Cockroaches are attracted to places with food sources, including kitchens, restaurants, bars and restrooms. These nasty insects contaminate food rapidly, and also carry diseases.
  • Fleas: Pet-friendly hotels are at a greater risk for flea infestations, as guest’s dogs and cats can carry these parasites in. Besides irritation caused by bites, fleas can transmit a host of diseases.
  • Houseflies & Fruit Flies: These pests are attracted to food and are carriers of diseases like E. coli. They’re often found in kitchens and food preparation areas, making them a potential health hazard.
  • Rodents: Like cockroaches and flies, rodents are attracted to food supplies in kitchens, restaurants, and waste storage areas. They can contaminate food and surfaces and cause significant structural damage.

Warehouse & Manufacturing Pest Control in New Jersey & New York

By simultaneously and strategically minimizing material exposure and rectifying all pest sightings at the source, Horizon Pest Control can assure you that your facility is in the best hands possible. Because of the numerous variables and products that pass through warehousing and manufacturing facilities, this is a complex industry, making pest problems unpredictable. Horizon realizes that warehousing and manufacturing plants like yours need above and beyond attention to detail, and we are proud of our specific and proven approach to protect not only your brand but the products you produce and ship.

Through utilizing advanced inspection and material application, we can deliver New York and New Jersey warehouse and manufacturing pest control that is proactive and results-oriented. From production areas to manufacturing facilities, our goal is to eliminate any pest infestations, and provide our clients with continual feedback through quality assurance meetings and comprehensive reporting methods.

Pharmaceutical Pest Control in New York & New Jersey

At Horizon Pest Control, our IPM systems will exceed all applicable requirements for your pharmaceutical facility. We offer unequaled, unparalleled standards, because we know that’s what your industry requires.

When you hire Horizon Pest Control for pharmaceutical pest management, you will get:

  • Our in-house QA Support to assist with facilitating any local, state and/or federal inspections.
  • Viable two-way communication implemented through each and every service we deliver.
  • 24-hour response times, allowing us to be there when you need us most.
  • Environmentally friendly pest control methods for each and every service.
  • A commitment to meeting pharmaceutical-specific requirements and guidelines.

Pest Control for Commercial Property Managers in New Jersey & New York

Whether your firm manages office buildings, office campuses, apartment complexes, or smaller dwellings, Horizon Pest Control knows the importance of a proactive versus reactive approach when it comes to the multimillion dollar business of property management. Your clients’ happiness and well-being are of paramount importance to you – and that’s something we have in common.

By simultaneously and strategically minimizing material exposure and rectifying all pest sightings at
the source, we will ensure that your property is in the best hands possible. Our trained and licensed
technicians will work directly with tenants and managers to provide an environmentally friendly IPM
service format in an effort to reduce any unnecessary exposure of materials and provide the efficient
and effective outcome you want and deserve.

Don’t hesitate to get rid of pests in your facility! For more information on industries we serve, call (201) 447-2530, or click here to request commercial pest management online.

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