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The whole world has recently learned just how dangerous the diseases that some of our common pests carry can be. It is widely believed that the coronavirus that caused virtually the entire world to grind to a halt in the year 2020 originated in bats. While the bats that live around us here in the United States may not carry this specific disease, they carry plenty of other known diseases, both known and unknown. While bats generally try to avoid human contact, they have been known to break into our homes and use our attics as nesting sites. Getting rid of this problem can be dangerous, particularly if you don’t know what you are doing, and that’s why it’s pivotal to address your bat problem right away.

Horizon Pest Control has offered premium bat removal services for years, and our pest control experts use sophisticated techniques and strategies to get bats out of your home and keep them away for good. We know how they get in, we know why they stay, and we work out a specific and customized plan to get them out and keep them out. Our customer service has been hailed as exceptional, no matter the scope of your pest invasion, and we treat your home the same way we would expect our own to be treated.

Don’t suffer with your bat problem any longer than you have to! Make the call to Horizon Pest Control at (201) 447-2530 today and book your bat removal service right away.

Why Bats Love Our Attics

Bats get a bad rap from their disease-carrying tendencies. While they no doubt are dangerous to our health, bats are also extremely beneficial to our environment. For starters, they are an extraordinarily effective natural mosquito repellent, and they can eat dozens of mosquitos each and every night. This is why you will often see bats buzzing through large light fixtures that attract bugs in the middle of the night. They also hunt other bugs like crickets, grasshoppers, beetles, and more. Bats will generally avoid humans, as much as they love to live near us. However, there is a difference between having them live near you and live with you.

Bats tend to love attics because they are dark, secluded, and warm. Because bats are mammals, they require heat to keep themselves healthy, and they prefer the steamy conditions found in many attics almost all throughout the year. Bats are incredibly sensitive and can detect even the slightest changes in air pressure in order to find a way into your attic. Even with poor eyesight, these creatures have an uncanny ability to get into tight spaces. Once inside, bats often leave behind droppings that are smelly, unsightly, and can create a moldy fungus that is bad for your respiratory system.

How to Get Rid of Bats

Before you take any DIY action, there is something important you need to consider: the majority of bat species are federally protected. That means exterminating them is actually punishable by law, so any removal needs to be humane and not harm the creatures themselves. This is why professional pest controllers almost always turn to trapping as a means for eliminating these creatures.

Trapping bats often involves placing a cage immediately outside an assumed exit that bats use to get out of your attic during the evening hours when they start their active cycle. Once in the trap, bats can be easily hauled away and given to local animal control services for relocation. Trapping can also be augmented with baits, lures, and other strategies that make your attic a less appealing place.

For quality bat removal services from a professional and experienced contractor, contact Horizon Pest Control today!

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