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During the late spring, summer, and fall months, many homeowners and facility managers notice flies in their property, particularly houseflies. Regardless of how they got in, it’s important to exterminate them promptly in order to prevent an infestation. If you’re in need of fly control services for your Northern New Jersey home or New York City business, make sure to contact the fly exterminators at Horizon Pest Control right away. Our experts are backed by 50 years of industry experience, and come with a reputation for getting the job done right.

What Are House Flies?

Found in and around homes across the country, the housefly is a prominent pest in the U.S. While mostly known for being a common nuisance, they also have the potential to carry nasty diseases. Houseflies are dark gray in color and have an ovular shape, one pair of wings, compound red eyes, six legs, and antennae. As adults, these flies can measure up to a quarter of an inch long.

Housefly eggs look like small grains of rice. They then hatch into larvae, also known as maggots, prior to entering the pupal stage. This development period from egg to adult usually takes six to 12 days. A fully grown housefly will only live about 15 to 25 days, but despite this short lifespan, houseflies can reproduce in large numbers. This can lead to a large housefly population in little to no time.

What Attracts Houseflies?

For houseflies, the ideal air temperature is a toasty 83 degrees Fahrenheit. On colder days, they’re attracted to the warm air coming from inside homes and buildings. Houseflies will take advantage of structural issues, like ripped screens, to enter a building. Besides warm weather, flies are attracted to trash, ripened produce, animal carcasses, pet feces, soda and moisture, as these are some of their favorite meals.

What Dangers Do Houseflies Pose?

Unlike fleas, ticks and other pests, houseflies don’t bite. However, they can transfer more than 100 different pathogens that carry disease.

Diseases houseflies may carry include:

  • Cholera
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Tuberculosis
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Salmonellosis
  • Typhoid

As carriers of disease, houseflies can contaminate food surfaces with disease organisms. They also regurgitate and excrete wherever they rest. This is why it’s extremely important to call for housefly extermination in New Jersey and New York as soon as you believe you have a problem.

Horizon Pest Control House Fly Exterminators in NJ are available by phone at (201) 447-2530

Commercial House Fly Solutions

House flies on food
Commercial pest solutions are essential for businesses to maintain a clean and safe environment for their employees and customers. House Fly infestations can cause significant damage to structures, contaminate products, and pose health risks. Commercial pest control services provide effective solutions to eliminate houseflies from commercial premises. These services include regular inspections, customized treatment plans, and ongoing monitoring to ensure long-term pest management. Investing in commercial pest solutions not only protects businesses from potential financial losses but also preserves their reputation and ensures a healthy working environment. Don’t let houseflies harm your business – contact Horizon Pest Control today for all your commercial pest control needs!

Residential House Fly Solutions

House flies in home on a piece of bread
Residential pest solutions are essential for maintaining a clean and safe living environment. House Fly infestations can cause property damage, spread diseases, and create an overall unpleasant living situation. Hiring professional residential pest control services can effectively eliminate and prevent the presence of houseflies in your home. These solutions involve inspections, treatment plans, and ongoing prevention measures to ensure a pest-free home. By investing in residential pest solutions, homeowners can protect their property and ensure the well-being of their family members. Don’t let houseflies harm your home – contact Horizon Pest Control today for all your residential pest control needs!
Call Horizon Pest Control now at (201) 447-2530 for house fly extermination in New Jersey or New York, or contact us online to request a free estimate.

Housefly Extermination Services

At Horizon Pest Control, our residential and commercial client services in Northern and Central New Jersey, as well as the Jersey Shore, Rockland County, NY, and New York City can help eliminate your fly problem ASAP. We proudly offer special coupons and discounts to help make our services affordable for everybody. And with our satisfaction guarantee, we promise that if your pests come back, so will we! Don’t delay—call Horizon Pest Control today, and get rid of those nasty flies for good.

Our Pest Control Programs

Our Pest Control Programs

Our pest control programs are designed to effectively eliminate and prevent unwanted pests from invading your home or business. We offer comprehensive services that target a wide range of pests, including insects, rodents, and more. Our team of experienced technicians uses safe and environmentally-friendly methods to rid your property of pests while ensuring the safety of your family or customers. With regular maintenance and inspections, our pest control programs provide long-term protection and peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you control a housefly infestation?

To control a housefly infestation, practice good hygiene by keeping food stored, disposing of waste promptly, and cleaning regularly. Use fly traps, screens, and consider insecticides if needed. Addressing breeding sites and maintaining a clean environment are key for effective control.

Should I hire a professional exterminator for severe housefly infestations?

Yes, hiring a professional exterminator is advisable for severe housefly infestations. Professionals can identify the source, implement targeted treatments, and provide expertise in managing large infestations effectively.

Are there any seasonal trends or times of the year when housefly infestations are more common?

Housefly infestations are more common in warmer months, especially during spring and summer, when conditions are favorable for breeding. However, they can persist year-round in indoor environments with suitable breeding sites and food sources.

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