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Rodents are a problem with your home, but when you hear the term “rodent” your mind probably immediately goes to mice and rats. These are the more prolific home-invading pests, but many people often overlook a species that is far more visible in areas throughout the country: squirrels. Squirrels are tree-dwelling creatures that eat nuts and seeds, and they often seek warm burrows that they can use for winter months. If squirrels can get access to your roof, they often use this access to find a way into your attic, where they create a nest that they can huddle in for warmth and shelter.

If squirrels have invaded your attic and are causing havoc in your home, you need help from a professional pest control expert at Horizon Pest Control. Our team has been widely lauded for constantly delivering unmatched excellence when it comes to squirrel control and removal in New Jersey. We understand rodent behavior and utilize the latest in tools and materials to conduct a thorough removal service. Our goal is to help you avoid some of the damage and frustration that intruding squirrels can cause and to help you keep them away for as long as possible. We are thorough, careful, and treat your home with the same urgency we would demand from someone working on our own! Take a look at our reviews and see why our clients trust us with all of their rodent control needs.

What Attracts Squirrels?

Squirrels are drawn to our homes for a number of reasons. For one, humans tend to live around a high concentration of trees. They look beautiful, provide us with shade, and clean our air. Trees also produce seeds, often in the form of fruits and nuts, and it’s these seeds that provide a consistent and high-quality food source for these rodents. They also provide shelter and a place to live, so squirrels have evolved into prolific tree climbers and traversers to take advantage. It’s not uncommon to see squirrels jumping from branch to branch with seemingly almost effortless and gravity-defying grace.

Our homes are also attractive options for squirrels. Because they are warm-blooded mammals, winter months are often harsh and difficult to get through due to the extreme cold and relative shortage of food. Some species of squirrel naturally protect themselves from this by eating and then hibernating in a low-energy state to get through winter. However, they need a warm place to do this, and attics often provide a great place because of their darkness, warmth, and generally consistent loneliness. Homes may also come with food sources, such as bird feeders, plant seeds, and fruiting plants that squirrels can get ahold of for a quick snack.

Signs Of A Squirrel Infestation

There are a couple of things that you can look out for to know if you have squirrels in your home.

These signs include the following:

  • Strange noises around your home, such as scratching or chewing
  • Damage on your property, such as teeth marks in wires or walls, and air vent damage
  • Squirrel droppings in your attic or garage
  • Foul smells
  • Acorns in your attic
  • Squirrel footprints around or inside your home
  • Signs of water damage on your ceilings or walls

If you notice any of the signs above, we highly suggest that you contact a squirrel removal expert as soon as possible. Leaving a squirrel infestation unnoticed can lead to further damage and costly damages that can be avoided with the appropriate squirrel removal services.

Horizon Pest Control Squirrel Exterminators in NJ are available by phone at (201) 447-2530

Commercial Squirrel Solutions

Squirrel on pavement in a park
Commercial pest solutions are essential for businesses to maintain a clean and safe environment for their employees and customers. Squirrel infestations can cause significant damage to structures, contaminate products, and pose health risks. Commercial pest control services provide effective solutions to eliminate squirrels from commercial premises. These services include regular inspections, customized treatment plans, and ongoing monitoring to ensure long-term pest management. Investing in commercial pest solutions not only protects businesses from potential financial losses but also preserves their reputation and ensures a healthy working environment. Don’t let squirrels harm your business – contact Horizon Pest Control today for all your commercial pest control needs!

Residential Squirrel Solutions

Where better to be on a cold day but tucked up at home.
Residential pest solutions are essential for maintaining a clean and safe living environment. Squirrel infestations can cause property damage, spread diseases, and create an overall unpleasant living situation. Hiring professional residential pest control services can effectively eliminate and prevent the presence of squirrels in your home. These solutions involve inspections, treatment plans, and ongoing prevention measures to ensure a pest-free home. By investing in residential pest solutions, homeowners can protect their property and ensure the well-being of their family members. Don’t let squirrels harm your home – contact Horizon Pest Control today for all your residential pest control needs!
Call Horizon Pest Control now at (201) 447-2530 for squirrel extermination in New Jersey or New York, or contact us online to request a free estimate.

How to Prevent Squirrel Intrusion

Keeping squirrels away actually isn’t all that hard. Squirrels are significantly larger than mice and most squirrels are even larger than rats as well. They don’t easily fit into some of the smaller spaces, so keeping your attic adequately protected with fine-mesh grates will foil them. A determined squirrel can chew its way in, but more often than not they won’t bother unless they are strongly drawn to an easily accessible food source.

While a feeder filled with birdseed may seem like a great idea for attracting all types of beautiful avian life to your home for observation, they also have the unfortunate downside of drawing in squirrels as well. We recommend any bird feeders be kept some distance away from your home and even away from fences or other structures that a squirrel could use to climb up and get at the feeder itself. You might find this trickier than you thought—squirrels are craft and incredibly resourceful creatures.

Our Pest Control Programs

Our pest control programs are designed to effectively eliminate and prevent unwanted pests from invading your home or business. We offer comprehensive services that target a wide range of pests, including insects, rodents, and more. Our team of experienced technicians uses safe and environmentally-friendly methods to rid your property of pests while ensuring the safety of your family or customers. With regular maintenance and inspections, our pest control programs provide long-term protection and peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are squirrels dangerous?

Squirrels are generally not dangerous, but they can become a nuisance by causing property damage and carrying diseases. In rare cases, they may act defensively and bite if they feel threatened.

What risks do squirrels pose to my property?

Squirrels can pose risks to your property by gnawing on structures, causing damage to electrical wiring, and nesting in attics. Their activities may lead to potential fire hazards and costly repairs.

Do I need to hire a professional for squirrel removal, or can I do it myself?

While some people may attempt DIY squirrel removal using traps or deterrents, hiring a professional is often recommended. Professionals have the expertise to safely and effectively remove squirrels, address entry points, and prevent future infestations, reducing the risk of property damage and ensuring humane practices.

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