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Raccoons are one of several species known for being prolific scavengers. They are nocturnal, meaning they are active at night, they love to rummage through trash and garbage to look for food, and they can make quite a living off of it. In fact, particularly dominant and well-fed raccoons can grow rather large in size, getting bigger than some small dog and cat breeds.

In fact, this proclivity combined with their distinctive black and white markings is what has earned them the nickname “trash pandas.” Raccoons are hard to keep away, as they’ll get at just about anything you throw out, and some love to use basements or attics as a source of shelter.

At Horizon Pest Control, we understand the frustration of an invading raccoon problem, and we want to make getting these pests out of your home simple. Using the latest techniques and skills, we humanely capture these creatures so they can be safely relocated.

We provide reliable and high-quality advice on how to better protect your home’s most vulnerable spaces from these furry invaders, and we even do our part to maintain a raccoon-free property with ongoing treatment and inspection services that help you combat an invasion. Whether you’re dealing with one solitary intruder or a family has decided to make your home into their den, make the call to Horizon Pest Control and let us take care of the job.

For the finest in raccoon control and removal services throughout the state of New Jersey, call Horizon Pest Control at (201) 447-2530 or contact us online today.

What Attracts Raccoons to Your Home?

Raccoons are warm-blooded mammals, and that means they have a lot in common with us as humans. They require warmth and shelter in order to remain comfortable, and they need a reliable source of food and water.

This is why they love to make their homes in the same places humans do. Our hidden corners make great shelters because they are often ignored and the animals are left to go about their business undisturbed. Plus they are never far away from a good meal in the form of some disposed of food scraps.

Where Are Raccoons Most Frequently Found?

Raccoons love to invade the following areas:

  • Garages (particularly detached garages)
  • Attics
  • Basements
  • Crawlspaces

Are Raccoons Dangerous?

Raccoons are resourceful and shockingly agile creatures. They aren’t known for being particularly fast, but they can be rather aggressive when they or their young are threatened. Raccoons are also highly territorial and do not take kindly to anyone coming into their space, which explains their generally testy and volatile behavior.

For the most part, if you leave them alone, they will leave you alone. However, you don’t necessarily want to leave these creatures alone if they have moved into an area of your home.

Raccoon Trapping & Removal

The most humane way to eliminate a raccoon problem is through trapping. A typical trap consists of a spring-loaded cage that is filled with a type of bait. While raccoons are generally rather skittish and cautious about things they don’t recognize, the thought of a free meal often overcomes these nervous qualms rather quickly.

Once a raccoon enters the cage, the door slams shut and it can’t get free again. The trap can then be removed and the animal is handed over to local animal control. It’s extremely important to remove raccoons and their young because they are widely-known carriers of some pretty nasty diseases, notably rabies.

While rabies is more commonly associated with small mammals like dogs and cats, it can impact humans as well. This is why a bite from an aggressive raccoon should always be treated seriously, and any small animal that gets into a spat with a raccoon should be seen by an emergency veterinarian as soon as possible.

Looking for raccoon removal in NJ? Contact Horizon Pest Control and we’ll take care of the issue right away.

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