New Jersey Fruit Fly Control

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New Jersey Fruit Fly Control

Fruit Fly Elimination

Fruit flies in an office environment is not a good sign. We find fruit flies in the kitchen and common areas of commercial office buildings regularly. The trash cans and coffee machines attract fruit flies like glue and result in a less sanitary environment for our employees.

Fruit flies in a commercial food processing plant is a different situation. If you’re dealing with a couple thousand square feet of food warehousing and processing, it’s important to have a defense against pest infestations.

Both situations create a need for a trusted pest management partner to help you keep your business protected. The commercial pest management team at Horizon work with you to reduce the cause of pests to eliminate pest issues from your to do list.


Fruit flies are named after what they like to eat the most- fruits and vegetables. They are also known as vinegar flies. They are attracted to the smell of ripening and rotting fruits and veggies, then flock to the location of that smell. They are generally black in color and about one-eighth of an inch in size. They are known to hover over food that they’re attracted to, like a fruit bowl, and are known to be found most commonly in homes, gardens, supermarkets and grocery shops.

They also have the ability to breed at breakneck speeds and multiple into the thousands quickly, becoming even more annoying and unsanitary. The best and most effective way to prevent fruit-fly infestations in your business is by keeping all vegetables and fruits neatly stored. Food that is left out and beginning to spoil will attract these annoying insects. Even a small spillage of coffee under the kitchen sink might breed thousands of fruit flies.

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