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Fruit flies are a common problem in both residential and commercial settings, but they are especially difficult to deal with in businesses dedicated to the storing, processing, and production of food. These tiny pests reproduce quickly, leaving you with an infestation overnight. If you’ve noticed fruit flies in your place of business, do not hesitate to act. Call Horizon Pest Control today for New York and New Jersey commercial fruit fly elimination, and take your business back from these unwanted guests.

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Fruit Fly Infestation Causes

When fruit and vegetables start to spoil, they ferment, creating a distinctive aroma that attracts fruit flies. But while produce is the most common fruit fly attractant, they’re also drawn to coffee grounds, alcohol, trash, and any other place where fermentation occurs. While you might not see them out in the open, they can also swarm in drains, waste receptacles, and other areas.

Fruit fly infestations happen fast, because these extremely small insects reproduce at rapid rates. In fact, one female fruit fly can lay hundreds of eggs, and it takes about a single day for those eggs to hatch. And while fruit flies don’t live long, their amazing rate of reproduction ensures that once you have a problem, it will only get worse.

The Risks of Fruit Flies

All commercial facilities can host fruit fly infestations. When food is improperly stored or disposed of in an office breakroom, for example, fruit flies can appear around counters, sinks and coffeemakers. While these infestations are undesirable, the threat of fruit flies is far more serious for grocery stores, supermarkets and commercial food producers.

This is because fruit flies carry a number of bacterial diseases and pathogens that are harmful to human beings. Once inside your facility, it can be extremely difficult to keep them away from production areas, where fruits and vegetables are exposed to the open air and small bits of produce can cling to the insides of machines used for processing. Without commercial pest control, fruit flies can quickly contaminate food, resulting in serious illnesses and a loss of revenue and reputation for your company.

Eliminate Fruit Flies

Business owners can take several steps to prevent fruit flies, such as sanitary food handling, storage, and disposal. However, sometimes even the most hygienic facilities can attract these pests. If you’ve noticed fruit flies swarming your place of business, our New Jersey and New York fruit fly exterminators at Horizon Pest Control can help. For 50 years, we have been offering professional pest control services to homes and businesses, and with a 98% customer satisfaction rating, it’s not hard to see why so many locals choose Horizon to get rid of pests.

Contact us today to receive a free quote and learn more about our fast, effective pest control options. Our courteous, experienced technicians will eliminate all fruit flies in your facility, then perform an inspection and take steps to ensure they never come back. And if they do, we’ll make it right at no extra cost to you.

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