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Are you looking for professional flea extermination services in NJ or NY? These wingless parasites are not only a nuisance, but can pose health risks to your pets, as well as to you or your loved ones. At Horizon Pest Control, you can count on our pest control team to deliver nothing but the best. Our team of flea exterminator experts uses the latest technology to ensure that your home or business is entirely pest-free. Contact us to learn more about how we can protect your family from disease, and make your home or commercial space a better and more comfortable place for you today!

Types of fleas that we can help with include the following:

  • Dog fleas
  • Human fleas
  • Cat fleas

If you suspect a flea infestation, we highly encourage you to contact our team of professionals to get the situation properly taken care of for you. Take a look at our client reviews and see why we are New Jersey’s most-trusted flea exterminator company.

Contact Horizon Pest Control at (201) 447-2530 for a free estimate on flea extermination services in New Jersey.

Identifying a Flea Infestation

Fleas, which can be found across the United States, are blood-sucking parasites that target various hosts, including humans, cats, and dogs. With pancake-shaped bodies and backward-facing hairs on their legs, they can effortlessly navigate through hair and cling to their hosts. Fleas have a color range that spans from tan to reddish-brown, and due to their rapid reproduction, they can quickly cause an infestation in homes, businesses, or yards. Even though fleas cannot fly, they can jump incredible distances and are commonly brought inside the house by pets or carried in on clothing and shoes.

Signs of a flea infestation include:
Identifying a Flea Infestation
  • Seeing a flea – where there’s one, there are more
  • Ankles bites, or bites on other parts of your body
  • Flea eggs - these would typically be on your carpets
  • Your pets are scratching more than usual
  • Flea dirt - this is typically small reddish brown or black specks on your pets or around your home

Schedule Seasonal Pest Control to Prevent Fleas

Fleas are more common in the spring and summer months. You can get ahead of them by scheduling routine, seasonal pest control visits. In addition to dealing with any immediate infestation, our New Jersey flea, and flea extermination services help break the breeding cycle and prevent future infestations. By joining our Home Guard Program, you receive four seasonally appropriate services and covers 40 common household pests, including fleas.

If you are tired of struggling with fleas, call our flea extermination team in New Jersey at (201) 447-2530.

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