New Jersey Integrated Pest Management

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New Jersey Integrated Pest Management


IPM is an abbreviation for Integrated Pest Management. Integrated Pest Management is a process involving common sense and sound solutions for treating and controlling pests.


— This is done by routinely examining the indoor and outdoor areas where the pests are present or if an area is favorable to pest infestations. Regular inspections will be maintained as part of IPM.

— After proper inspection, determining the type or species of pest is necessary to effectively control the pest. For instance, control methods would be different for termites and ants, or honeybees and wasps, or squirrels and rodents.

— This will include a variety of methods depending on the type of pest that is found in the area. However, the principle of IPM is to manage the environment where pest is present while eliminating their food, water and shelter.


The existence of pests and rodents in a business can affect the way customers view a company, which could then affect the growth of one. Further, pests and rodents can pose serious health risk to employees and the safety of the property. IPM in business provides business establishments a chance to fight back from threat brought about by pests. A more complete approach to pest control is how IPM can provide recommendation that is based on your business’ unique needs. Pest professionals do not use a “one size fits all” approach since every situation and needs differ. Whether it is sealing cracks, removing food or water source, or applying pesticide treatments, IPM is about finding the best and most comprehensive solution for pest infestations.


  • Seal window frames
  • Windows should be properly screened
  • Remove dishes in rooms after use
  • Vacuum regularly
  • Seal up crack and crevices especially around pipes and wiring
  • Seal up any cracks and holes on the outside of your home
  • Seal up small cracks, holes and crevices in visible areas and in hidden areas as well
  • Wipe counters frequently
  • Seal food containers
  • Give attention to the maintenance and upkeep of your home's foundation
  • Screen crawl space vents
  • Store garbage in sealed containers and always do proper disposal
  • Store pet goods in sealed containers
  • Make certain that gutters and downspouts are unclogged
  • Water should be channeled from downspouts away from the foundation
  • Keep bins closed and not pile up in outside bins
  • Keep tree branches well trimmed and away from the house
  • Stack firewood and lumber away from the house
  • Get rid of old tires that could fill up with water and provide breeding ground for pests
  • Always keep the garage door closed to prevent wildlife entry
  • Keep shrubbery trimmed and away from the house
  • Inspect all luggage after a trip before bringing them inside the house to make certain that you are not carrying any pests
  • Inspect boxes, grocery bags and other packaging thoroughly before bringing them home

The success of an IPM program will depend on the participation and support of many people and not just the employees who are carrying the treatment. However, our company understands the principles of IPM and we know how this can contribute to the success of the program. Proper communication with our service clients is necessary to properly carry out inspection, identification and treatment.

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