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While bees and wasps are considered beneficial insects in the wild, when they take up residence in your home or business, they pose several threats. From causing severe allergic reactions to making it difficult to enjoy your yard, there are many reasons to work with a professional pest control technician that specializes in bee and wasp removal. Horizon Pest Control is the second-largest family-owned company in New Jersey. As a family-owned business, we know when searching for, “bee exterminators near me”, that it is important to work with reliable, trustworthy technicians. Our New Jersey bee control experts have extensive experience and will always treat your property with care.

Beehives and wasp nests can be extremely dangerous for you and your family. If you notice bee hives or wasp nests in your home, we strongly encourage you to contact our professionals and not try to take care of the situation on your own, as doing so could be extremely dangerous. Our experts bee exterminators in NJ at Horizon Pest Control have years of combined experience and know exactly what to do to get rid of bee and wasp infestations. No job is either too big or too small for us to take care of; whether you are looking to eliminate the number of bees at your home, or are looking to remove bee hives or wasp nests, you can count on us.

If you’ve encountered a nest or hive on your New Jersey or New York City property, contact Horizon Pest Control at (201) 365-9886 for bee exterminator services.

Dealing with Bees

Bees play an essential role in our ecosystem. They help pollinate crops and native plants, and many people are concerned with protecting them. However, this does not mean that you want them nesting on your property. Some species of bees, such as honeybees, live in colonies with tens of thousands of bees. This can become a nuisance very quickly. Many bee species are not aggressive, but if they feel threatened, they will sting. Their nests and hives can also cause serious property damage.

Common bees found in New Jersey include:

  • Bumblebees
  • Honeybees
  • Ground/ Mining Bees
  • Carpenter bees
  • Cicada Killer Bees

Carpenter bees are some of the most destructive as they do not build nests or hives. Instead, they burrow into wood. While they prefer damp, rotting wood, they are known to burrow into the structures of residential homes and commercial properties. If you see an increase in the bees in your yard, or if you are finding nests and hives, contact Horizon Pest Control for safe, effective bee removal.

Wasp Nest & Hornet Removal

Many people mistake these pests for bees. However, wasps and hornets are more dangerous and aggressive than bees, and commonly bite or sting. They often build their nests on porches, in door frames, and eaves of buildings. Similarly, you may also find hornets nests on the ground, in floor joints, and on walls.

The three most common species in New Jersey and New York are:

  • Paper wasps
  • Hornets
  • Yellow jackets
  • Mud Daubers

Paper wasps and yellow jackets are commonly encountered in New Jersey. Similar to bees, they work in a colony and will defend their nest if they feel it is threatened. They are most active during the summer, and in the winter, they die off. These insects are larger than bees and have more elongated bodies and legs. Yellow jackets are particularly dangerous as they can both bite and sting. They tend to stay near their nests, so if you see one, there is probably a nest somewhere on your property.

Signs You Have Bees

It can be difficult to know if your home is suffering from a bee infestation. Is it possible it’s the time of the season? Or are you and your household dealing with a full fledge bee invasion? Below we have provided a few signs to look for in order to know what you’re dealing with.

  • Active Nest - If you notice a next on your property, chances are you are dealing with a bee infestation. If bees are coming in and out of the nest, this shows that the nest hasn't been abandoned and is being used for the bees to store nectar.
  • Dark Spots On Your Walls - Dark spots on your wall are another indicator that you are dealing with a bee problem. These dark spots on your walls are the bees building their nest inside of the structure of your home's walls and storing honey on the walls. If left unchecked the honey can destroy wood as well as the drywall in your home. Contact us today for our professional help.

Call Us for Expert Nest & Hive Removal

Because bees and wasps can be aggressive and swarm, you should always contact professional pest control experts, like ours at Horizon Pest Control, to remove them. Our bee control specialists in New Jersey will inspect your property, identify which pests you are dealing with, and safely eradicate them from your property. We have the training, skill, and equipment to remove bees and wasps from your property carefully.

We will also help you prevent future infestations through enrollment in our Home Guard Program. This innovative pest control program comes with four annual pest control services that are designed to deal with 40 common household pests, including bees and wasps.

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