Could a Spider Be Living in Your Hair?

By Horizon Pest Control

There is an urban legend, though not as common today as it was before the 1980’s, that told about a person with a bushy hairdo having a family of black widows nesting within his or her locks. There are also plenty of stories about spider eggs hatching in some guys Afro. So have spiders been found to dwell within human hair?

There is probably not even a grain of truth to these stories, and as you can guess, spiders do not find the human scalp, with its rows of hair, an ideal place to lay their eggs. Even if the stories about black widow eggs hatching on a person’s scalp were true it would not matter much since black widow spiderlings do not have enough venom to make bite victims notice that they have been bitten. Even bites from adult females rarely result in fatal consequences if proper treatment is found in time.

Have you ever felt paranoid about having spiders in your hair?

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