Preparing the Indoor and Outdoor of Your Home From Stink Bugs

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Stink bugs also known as shield bugs, are flying insects that can invade your house and create destruction. They are not an insect that originated from the U.S. This insect came from Taiwan, China, Korea, and Japan as an agricultural pest. Their presence brings a serious problem in the U.S. that started in the late 1990s.

Identifying Stink Bugs

To properly control stink bugs, better know how they look like first. These insects are a shield shape bugs that loves to invade gardens during the summer and then invade homes during fall. When you crush them, they will emit a stink where they got their name from. This odor also is what helps them come back from their favorite spots and let them stay there for a very long time. They lay their eggs in the garden, then find shelters at home especially during the cold months. They can hide in curtains, drawers, laundry or bedding, which makes them even difficult to eliminate. After the winter is over, these bugs will start to move around where you will finally see them coming out from the inside of your home.

Controlling stink bug is not an easy task just like controlling any other household pests. Stink bugs are just like large beetles that can range in color from brown and gray to bright green. Some individuals despise on killing them because they literally stink. Some prefer using a vacuum cleaner to remove them on walls and windows, but they will also discover that the smell can linger in the vacuum for some time, which can also be irritating.

Prevention in Your Garden

To stop stink bugs from even entering your home, better stop them from even infesting in your garden. They love to stay in your garden and they will stay there until they can. Here are some ways to stop them in your garden:

  • Protect your crops with covers so that stink bugs cannot eat them.
  • Do not plant sunflowers near your plants because stink bugs love sunflowers. You could use this flower however, to lure them in an area where they can infest on the sunflower and you can spray them with chemicals.
  • Pick as much stink bug as you can find and drown them in a can of soapy water. Although there is a chance that you will not be able to find every one of them, but this will be a good habit of just getting rid of them the safe way.

Prevention at Home

Here are a list you can do to stop stink bugs from entering your home:

  • Fill a half gallon or gallon jug with soapy water and use this to drown the bugs by putting them in.
  • Seal up all possible entries such as holes around windows and doors with caulk or weather stripping.
  • Secure screens on doors and windows. These should be replaced if it becomes damaged.
  • Hang a damp towel outside your home overnight so that these bugs will blanket the towel. Eliminate them by putting the entire blanket into a jug of soapy water or use a vacuum.
  • Squish stink bugs outdoors so that they can warn the others not to mess in your home.
  • Keep the curtains and shades drawn at night since they are also attracted to light.

When Using Vacuum

Since using your vacuum can effectively get rid of dead and live stink bugs, this can cause a permanent stink bug smell in it. However, vacuuming is still one of the most effective ways to get rid of stink bugs even outdoors. To avoid the stinky smell, do not use your regular vacuum for this task. If possible use a shop vac. If your shop vac has a bag, be certain to change it right after you are done vacuuming these pests. Wash the shop vac thoroughly after using it to get rid of the smell.

To successfully eliminate stink bugs from your home, contact a professional. If you need immediate help or to learn more about stink bugs, visit New Jersey Stink Bugs.

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