6 Tips to Keep Safe from Pests During Outdoor Fun

By Horizon Pest Control

After months of being on lockdown, no one wants to spend their summer and fall stuck indoors. However, before rushing outside, don’t forget that warm weather is prime time for pests! Use the “dos and don’ts” below to keep you and your family (including its four-legged members) safe from biting and stinging insects during outdoor fun.

DON’T wear perfume, cologne, or heavily scented body products.

Certain scents can make you more attractive to various flying pests. For instance, certain types of mosquitos are attracted to florals, while yellow jackets can find sweeter, fruitier fragrances more enticing.

DO wear insect repellent.

Though it may not smell quite as enticing as Chanel No. 5, bug spray should be your signature scent for any warm-weather activity. OFF! has been a long-time favorite of outdoorsy types, but there are many others to choose from, including repellents made from essential oils. (And don’t forget sunscreen!)

DON’T hike in shorts.

If you plan on trekking through thickly wooded or grassy areas, protect yourself from ticks by wearing full-length pants. Ticks are common, small, blood-sucking bugs that attach themselves to your body. Their bites can cause allergic reactions or, worst of all, transmit Lyme disease to people and animals.

DO seek a preventative flea and tick treatment for your dog.

For most of us, our pup is our trail buddy, and she needs pest protection just like we do to stay safe and comfortable. Talk to your veterinarian about what treatment they recommend based on factors like your dog’s age, size, breed, and medical history.

DON’T keep your trash cans uncovered.

Many people associate trash with flies, but unfortunately, flies aren’t the only bugs that will come buzzing around uncovered garbage. Rotting garbage attracts many stinging insects, too, including wasps, yellowjackets, and hornets. Avoid attracting these insects to your yard by keeping the lids on the bins and washing out the interiors when they get sticky and dirty.

DO keep an eye out for wasp nests.

Insects in the wasp family, such as hornets and yellowjackets, will attack if they feel like something is threatening their nest. These nests can be hard to see if they are far overhead or hidden underground. Even if you are walking just a few feet too close or make a loud sound that startles them, these insects can swarm and start stinging multiple times without injuring themselves. If you do see a nest, make sure everyone keeps their distance, and contact a professional to remove it.

At Horizon Pest Control, our comprehensive and unrivaled Yard Guard services let you enjoy your well-deserved time outdoors, carefree and pest-free. Contact our friendly pest control experts to learn more: (201) 447-2530.


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