Bed Bug Treatment in Your NJ or NY Home

By Horizon Pest Control

Bed bugs are one of the worst experiences one could ever have in their life. While they seem to have a reputation for congregating around dirty homes, they don’t feed or thrive on any of that. They actually thrive off of your blood like other parasites we loathe. However, they don’t show up spontaneously, and they can be difficult to eliminate once you notice them. That is where our bed bug treatment plans can help!

Identifying a Bed Bug Infestation

Often, once you notice a single bed bug, assume there’s a whole lot more. Bed bugs are nocturnal, so they will affect your sleep. It’s probably where that common phrase came from anyway. Here are a couple of signs to keep an eye for to know if bed bugs are around:

  • An unpleasant stench from your bed, bedding, or mattress.
  • Rust-like or reddish stains on your bed, carpets, mattress, walls, or furniture.
  • Dead bed bugs or parts of them in cracks, corners of your mattress, along the baseboards on the floor, and the seams of your blankets.
  • Live bed bugs running and hiding when you switch the lights on in the dark.
  • Red itchy bites on your skin when you wake up in the morning

Treating Bed Bugs

Bed bug infestations only get worse with time. Due to that, if you notice something, you have to act fast. You should also not beat yourself up and become frustrated and wonder how the bed bugs got there in the first place. A bed bug could travel from one person to another. They can be attached to bags, luggage, clothing, etc. Therefore, someone has to bring them into your home. The bad news is that it can be anyone from anywhere. Hopefully, it was a one-off chance occurrence. The good news is you will only have to remove the infestation from your house.

The most effective way to treat bed bugs is to not use chemicals or hot water. Take it from experts like us. Bed bugs are a nasty issue, and the only proper way to remove them is with our extermination methods, which will vary house by house. At Horizon Pest Control, we will remove bed bugs from hard-to-reach places, your bed, and all furniture. If you need bed bug treatment in your NJ or NY home, please call us at 201-365-9886 to end the infestation today!

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