Benefits of Eco-Friendly Pest Control & Integrated Pest Management

By Horizon Pest Control

For decades, there has been a conflict between pest control and the environment. Pest control traditionally meant the use of chemicals without much thought to the impact on the environment, people, or pets. Fortunately, the advances in eco-friendly pest control have made it possible to effectively eradicate pests without putting the environment or yourself at risk.

There are five types of eco-safe pest control—biological, cultural, natural predators, plant-based solutions, physical traps, and barriers. Using a combination of the five of these eco-friendly approaches, pest control professionals can manage pests without putting you or your family at risk.

Biological pest control uses natural predators to eradicate pests. Cats have traditionally been a natural predator for rodent control. People can use ladybugs to treat aphids and nematodes for other pests. Cultural practices involve controlling the environment through waste control, cleanliness, and even crop rotation. Natural predators do not involve the introduction of additional predators but simply the judicious use of available natural predators. By not overapplying pesticides and killing beneficial predators, pest control technicians can focus on eradicating troublesome species. Plant-based solutions include using plants, which are generally non-toxic, to repel certain insects. Marigolds, garlic, onions, and citronella are all plant-based. Finally, traps and barriers can help keep pests out or target them without wide-scale damage.

The advantages of environmentally friendly pest control go beyond just helping the environment. It is also more effective for long-term pest control. These options target the root causes, help preserve beneficial organisms, and reduce the risk of pests developing resistance to pesticides.

For customers, one of the main advantages of eco-friendly pest control is that it is safer for your family and your pets. Contact Horizon Pest Control to see how we can safely and effectively handle your pests.

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