Protect Your Car Wiring From Rodents

By Horizon Pest Control

Humans have a natural aversion to rodents, which is probably based on centuries of having rodents steal food and spread disease. However, these pests are more than creepy. They can be highly destructive, and that destruction is not limited to homes. Rats, mice, squirrels, and other rodents invade any space that offers a cozy refuge. Cars, trucks, and other automobiles are at risk.

It would be bad enough if all the rodents lived in the car. While disgusting, rodent waste can be cleaned. However, these animals are notorious for chewing through things. Rodent teeth constantly grow, so they have to chew on things to keep their teeth manageable. When they get into an engine compartment, they will gnaw through wires, hoses, and other essential parts. The damage can lead to vehicle malfunction, which is, ironically, a best-case scenario. It can lead to worse things, such as a fire while you are on the road.

Just like with other pest animal infestations, prevention is the easiest way to keep your vehicle safe. Regularly driving a vehicle, rather than letting it sit idle, is a great way to prevent rodents from taking up residence inside. Plus, you want to keep food out of your vehicle—rodents are attracted to trace elements of food. Signs you might already have rodents in your vehicle include waste material, unpleasant smells, and scratching or scuttling sounds from under the car or in the engine.

To keep rodents out of your vehicle, the best bet is to move it frequently. Parking in a garage helps keep it rodent-free. You should also check for any potential entry points and seal them. Horizon Pest Control can help you by rodent-proofing the area where you keep your car, including setting traps around any parking areas. By reducing or eliminating the number of rodents in the area, we reduce the risk that rodents can damage your wires.

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