Top Five Pests that Infest Homes in the Summer

By Horizon Pest Control

As the summer season approaches, bringing along its warm sun and outdoor fun, it also ushers in a group of unwanted guests – summer pests. While pests can be a nuisance all year round, they become particularly active during the summer months. Understanding these pesky invaders can help you be better prepared to prevent or deal with them.

Among the annoyance of summer pests, flies stand out as one of the most bothersome. While they don’t pose a direct threat like bees or mosquitoes, they are pretty filthy creatures that can spread diseases. Flies hop from one food source to another, carrying germs along with them. Plus, they’re just plain irritating, buzzing around and bothering people.

Mosquitoes take annoyance to another level. Not only do they buzz around and pester us, but they also bite. Most people react to mosquito bites with itching and swelling, which can be uncomfortable. For some unlucky folks, mosquito bites lead to bigger welts due to allergic reactions. However, the more significant concern is that mosquitoes can transmit diseases, making them responsible for more deaths than any other animal.

Ants are another pesky intruder during the summer months. Like flies, they’re attracted to food and drinks, which can quickly ruin a picnic. Yet, the bigger worry is that ants can invade your home. They can contaminate your food and water supplies and even bite, causing itchiness, redness, and irritation.

Summer pests don’t just hassle humans; they also bother our pets. While fleas are a year-round problem, they become more active during the summer. Though they prefer pets as hosts, they’ll feed on any available animals, which means you might get bitten if they infest your home. Fleas can also spread diseases, adding to the concern.

Besides insects, summer also marks a time when rodents become more noticeable. Rats and mice tend to seek shelter indoors during winter, but their populations explode during spring and summer. Their rapid growth means you’re more likely to come across rodents during this time.

Whatever pest problem you encounter, remember that Horizon Pest Control is here to help. Our services cover a range of pest issues and are designed to address various types of infestations. We consider your situation and needs to tailor a pest control strategy that works. If you’re already dealing with pests, we offer targeted extermination services to help you get rid of them. Contact us today to get started on a pest-free home.

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