How to Avoid Bed Bugs Coming Home from College with Your Kid

By Horizon Pest Control

No one wants bed bugs. Good thing we can usually avoid them by following some basic cautionary steps when we travel. However, if you have kids that travel back and forth from college, you can be at risk of getting bed bugs from them. Fortunately, we can tell you how to avoid bed bugs, even if your college kids have been exposed to them in a dorm or other common living area.

Every time that kids come home from college for summer or breaks, residential homes see an upswing in bed bugs. Dorms are a great atmosphere for bed bugs. College kids are messy, they flop in each other’s beds, and they may not recognize the signs of bed bugs. Those conditions can help bed bugs spread throughout a dorm, where they can hitchhike on your kids when they head home.

The first step is teaching your kids how to identify bed bugs. Bed bugs look a lot like apple seeds, though they are often hidden. Their eggs are tiny and difficult to spot, but the bugs themselves can be spotted with the naked eye, especially after they eat. Your kids should look for bed bugs, shedded skin, reddish spots on bedding, clothing, or furniture, and red bites or rashes on the skin. One of the biggest signs is an unexplained rash or bite marks after going to bed.

When you bring home things from college, store all fabrics outside until you can wash and dry them at the highest temperature, then put them away. Store luggage and other containers outside in the sunshine for a few days. Vacuum luggage and vehicles that have transported items that may have bed bugs. If you vacuum multiple areas, empty the vacuum between places, so you do not spread the bed bugs to other places.

Your kid can also take steps to keep from getting bed bugs at school. Encourage them to regularly clean and vacuum their rooms. If possible, have them move their beds away from the walls. Tell them to wash all of their bedding regularly. Finally, make sure they have mattress and pillow covers. If they notice signs of bed bugs, tell them to inform their dorm’s resident advisors so that they can get pest control services in to take care of the problem.

Worried bed bugs have already invaded? Do not worry; we can help. Contact Horizon Pest Control today.

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