The Dangers of DIY Pest Control

By Horizon Pest Control

Inflation is kicking people’s butts. So, we all want to save money. That means tackling some things as DIY projects when we would have hired help in the past. If you are dealing with a pest problem, you may be tempted to add pest control to your DIY list. After all, you can find pest control products on the shelves of most local hardware stores. You can even find it at the grocery store. So, it must be safe, right?

Unfortunately, there are some real dangers for DIY pest control. While it is possible to do it safely, you should know about the risks in order to minimize them. You may also find that doing pest control properly is more expensive than doing it haphazardly. Given that professional pest control remains affordable, once people are educated about the risks, most of them opt to go with professional services instead of trying to DIY.

The biggest threat is accidental ingestion and exposure. When you apply pest control, it is possible that a household member may accidentally ingest or inhale it. That can happen during the application process, after application, or during storage. Most people are careful when applying products. They also follow instructions about application to prevent children and pets from ingestion or exposure immediately after application. The real threat is storage. It may be tempting to just put pest control products under the sink or on a shelf in the garage. However, it should be safely stored in the original container in a locked cabinet.

It is also critical to follow directions. Most people fail to read labels and assume that they know how to use products. However, widely available pesticides contain very high levels of toxins. In addition, they may react adversely to other products. You want to follow the directions on the label. More is not better; adding more products will not make it more effective at killing pests but can make it more dangerous for you and your family.

You also need to think about what else the pesticide might target. For example, many people use rodenticides to get rid of rats and mice. However, widespread use of rodenticides can kill birds of prey and snakes, which rely on rodents as a food source. The more birds of prey and snakes that are killed, the worse the rodent problem becomes. Professionals use the least invasive means to attack the problem, reducing the collateral damage that can occur as the result of extermination.

If you decide the DIY approach is not for you, Horizon Pest Control can help. Call us today to get started.

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