How to Prevent a Silverfish Infestation in Your Home

By Horizon Pest Control

Have you noticed small silver bugs with fish-like scales on their body? Known as silverfish, the creepy appearance of these bugs, who are a little like tiny, colorless roaches, can be alarming. Prolific breeders, females lay eggs continuously, and those babies reach adulthood in four to six weeks. A single silverfish can turn into an infestation seemingly overnight. 

Silverfish are a nuisance but are not as hazardous as other pets. While they can contaminate food with their waste, they do not carry the same diseases as some other insects. They are notorious chewers, however, and will eat paper products, linen, glue, carpets, curtains, and furniture. In addition, their waste can lead to stains. 

Silverfish are drawn to dark, damp spaces. They are often located in basements, bathrooms, and kitchens. They may also hide in storage areas like closets and basements. You may not see silverfish, but notice evidence of their pepper-like droppings, silver scales, or yellow stains. 

Prevention is the key to eliminating silverfish infestations. They will want to eat cereal and grains in your pantry, but they have food sources all around the house. They will eat cardboard, wallpaper, glue, books, clothing, and paper. If you are storing those items in dark or damp areas, ensure they are in secure, bug-proof containers. 

Lowering humidity can also help you avoid silverfish. They really love humidity, so fix any plumbing leaks and use a dehumidifier to prevent dampness, especially in basements or other damp-prone areas. 

Just like other insects, silverfish tend to enter through cracks. Routinely fix any cracks in your walls, block off areas where insects could enter around vents and pipes, and fix gaps around windows and doors. However, silverfish are often hitchhikers, as well. Be careful when bringing in boxes of old books or clothing, which may have an existing infestation. 

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