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Where there is one, there are many. Their presence in any business is unacceptable, and therefore fatal to your company’s brand and reputation. They carry disease, damage building structures and equipment, and when seen, they can cause panic for your staff, clients, or family.

Of course, we’re talking about rats. Few pests pose as great a threat as these nasty rodents, which should be dealt with swiftly and comprehensively. For experienced rat exterminators in New York and New Jersey, be sure to call Horizon Pest Control right away. We offer innovative pest solutions to keep your property safe and get rid of rats for good. And with our satisfaction guarantee, we promise to return to your property in the unlikely chance that these vermin come back after our initial service.

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The Top Signs of a Rat Infestation

The best way to protect your business or home from rats is to spot the warning signs of an infestation. Rats can enter your property through openings only a half an inch wide, and are great at finding hiding places most people could never reach. Because of this, it is key to hire an experienced pest control professional if you detect signs of a rat.

These are the most common signs your facility may be harboring rats:

  • Fresh rat droppings that look like skinny pellets.
  • Nesting material, like shredded cardboard and paper.
  • Signs of damage to fabrics and/or electrical and equipment wiring.
  • Damaged goods and stock.

It’s important to note that if there are construction sites around your facility, the disturbance could displace a colony and drive them into your building. If this happens, you will want to call for skilled rat exterminators in New Jersey or New York immediately.

The Effects Rats Can Have on Your Property

The potential harm rats can cause to your property is wide-reaching and should be met with swift action. Rats are carriers of disease, and can spread infections to human beings. They also greet everything in their path with destruction, and will do anything they can to stay alive. For the sake of your structure and everyone in it, do not delay if you even suspect you have an infestation.

Rats can harm your property in the following ways:

  • Rats are known to spread infections such as Hantavirus, Salmonella, and Weil's disease.
  • Rats can damage goods and contaminate consumer products.
  • Rats and rodents weaken structures by creating passageways into your building.

Protecting Your Business from Rats

While rat sightings in your home can be extremely trying, the presence of one rat can all but sink commercial businesses. Consider the food industry; rats are naturally drawn to large food stores, but the second one customer sees a rat at your restaurant, its reputation is likely to plummet. Your business needs proactive rat control to avoid the damage an infestation will cause.

Ways rats can hurt your business:

  • Sightings of rats can create alarm and panic that leads to immediate loss of customers and employee trust.
  • Rats can cause considerable financial loss due to temporary closure or lost customers
  • The damage rats cause to both products and reputation can negatively impact profits in multiple ways.
  • Rats chew through electrical wiring and can shut down business production until costly repairs are made.
  • Legal implications from a rat infestation may compound existing issues into a much more difficult situation.

Apart from all of the issues presented above, the greatest reason for urgency when dealing with rats in your business is the speed at which they reproduce. If left unchecked, a pair of rats can grow to hundreds within a very short period of time, thus making a small problem into a large one before you realize it.

Remember: Where There Is One, There Are Many

Horizon Pest Control understands the severity of rat problems firsthand. For 50 years, we’ve focused on helping individuals protect their property from pests and eliminate infestations once and for all. Call Horizon Pest Control at the very first sign of a rat infestation and schedule a free Inspection ASAP. Our comprehensive Integrated Pest Management programs will remove any problem you currently have in a safe, environmentally-friendly way and help your business maintain its reputation moving forward.

Protect your business and your brand. Call Horizon Pest Control now at (201) 447-2530, or send us a message online.

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