Keeping Fruit Flies Out of the Office Kitchen

By Horizon Pest Control
Apart from the house fly, one of the most common pests in America is the fruit fly. Certainly, everyone in America knows what they are and have encountered them at least once in their lifetimes. Like their name implies, they are often found near over ripe and/or rotting fruits and vegetables. This is because they are attracted to the alcohol that is produced when the food is allowed to ferment. Although they are not disease transmission insects like mosquitoes, they do spread bacteria and are really annoying in large numbers.

If Your Office Kitchen Is Plagued by Fruit Flies, Follow These Simple Steps to Control and Eliminate Their Presence

  1. Avoid storing fruits and vegetables for an extended period of time.  Overripe fruits and veggies should be discarded or eaten.
  2. If you must store fruits and vegetables in the office, wash them in clean water and store them in covered containers in the refrigerator.
  3. Liquids such as vinegar, Sriracha sauce, and any kind of alcohol such as wine or beer should be kept in sealed bottles.
  4. Food scraps should be stored in covered bins, separate from regular trash.
Once an office has been infested with fruit flies, extreme care must be taken to locate and clear any and all potential breeding grounds, since fruit fly eggs can be laid even in small puddles and hatch within hours. If your office kitchen is already infested with fruit flies,

Follow These Simple Steps to Create a Trap That Gets Rid of Them Efficiently

  1. Take a piece of paper, form it into a funnel shape and use some tape to hold it together.
  2. Take a small jar or bottle and fill it with a small amount of vinegar, wine, or beer.
  3. Place the funnel into the opening of the bottle or jar, and set it in the area infested by fruit flies.
The trap works by using the scent of the alcohol to lure fruit flies in, once they’ve feasted on the liquid inside, the funnel will keep them from getting out. Once the trap is set, it may take a little while for the liquid inside to ferment properly, but once that is done it should kill a great deal of fruit flies. If this doesn’t work completely, schedule an appointment with us through this link – Fruit Fly Control. We offer effective fruit fly treatment to rid them once and for all.

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