Pesticides vs. Natural Chemicals To Kill Bugs

By Horizon Pest Control

The use of pesticide versus natural chemicals has long been debated. Although insecticides and natural chemicals both have their own advantages, most of those who want to effectively get rid of different insects and bugs would want to know which one of them is the most effective. The reason that this debate falls much into a gray region is because both of them need to be classified according to its usage and the case where it is going to be used. If it is going to be used for the home, most would first consider using natural pesticides, but for large outdoor infestations, it may be practical to use pesticides.

To explain, natural chemicals are made by nature while its counterpart synthetic chemicals are made by humans, different from what nature naturally uses. Synthetic chemicals or insecticides have long been thought to be more toxic than natural chemicals. But, further studies revealed that it is not so. Consumers have been bombarded with continuous advertisement about the positive effects of natural chemicals when it comes to killing bugs, while blaming the potency of pesticides.

A lot of misconception about pesticides being more toxic than natural substances have long been in the minds of people, which is why natural substances are more popular than ever. While it may be true, our long battle against bugs will never end, in fact, an increase of different bugs migrating in our country has now been seen. An increase of affected areas where bed bugs have been infesting have also been seen. Is it because, we are now more afraid of using strong pesticides to combat pests?

Natural Products

There are a lot of natural products that you can use to effectively get rid of pests. Killing insects the natural way and without any toxic chemicals is indeed good for the environment, good for you and your family, and will also be good for your pets.

Diatomaceous Earth

This natural product can be used to stop many different types of bugs and is an effective killer against them. Although the product is soft to the touch, for insects they will be subjected to tiny razor blades piercing them. This natural product will get rid of the exoskeleton of the bug and will expose their internal organs. They will die because of dehydration as their skins are exposed.

Boric Acid

Boric acid is mostly poisonous to any type of insect. This product is mostly used to kill colonies. For instance, with ants, boric acid is used as a bait where it will be combined with a sweet food, which ants will be glad to take back home. Once they give the food to the other workers to eat, the workers will also die. And, as they pass food, the bait will soon be given to the queen. Once the queen eats the bait, she will die, and the rest of the colony will follow.


Pesticides are commonly recommended these days, when natural means do not work. Pesticides are chemically designed to kill different types of pests, and are mostly used in farms, gardens, or other agricultural crops. Some homeowners also use chemical products to get rid of pests. The up side to pesticides is that they are easy to use, and are known to be effective in killing different bugs. However, it is still necessary to read the instructions before using the product, and contemplate longer on where the use of pesticides is most effective versus natural substances.

It is still up to the homeowner whether they will use pesticide or natural chemicals to combat their pest problems. As said, the debate on whether which one is more effective is still considered a gray matter since our choices may reflect the case you are in, the severity of the bug infestation, your health, and those who are around you.

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