Squirrel Control – the Best Way to Control Squirrels on Your Property

By Horizon Pest Control

Urban squirrels can be a real problem to property owners. These little furry vermin can cause damage to homes, utilities, plant life and other wildlife.

Squirrel Damage

Squirrels will seek a place to build their nests. In searching for a place, these little furry vermin will chew entryways through sidings and under the eaves. Unscreened chimneys and vents are also open ways for squirrels to build nests. The attic is also a common nesting place for them where they chew the insulation and wires for their nesting material. Damaged wires can possibly cause fire.

Utility power lines are also another target for squirrels. These bare wires and cables can cause the transformers to short out.

Squirrels love to dig for nuts, and this behavior can damage lawns. They can damage trees, plants and seeds.

Squirrels scare off birds and take their food. Squirrels invading bird feeders will damage the feeders. They will create bigger openings to get to the food from birds.

How to Control Squirrels?

The best way to control squirrels is prevention. A detailed inspection of the property, proper sanitation and maintenance can solve most squirrel problems. This will prevent squirrels from getting into your home.

Cut branches that touch or close to your home.

Cover the utility lines with plastic PVC pipe to prevent the vermin from crawling. The pipes will prevent them from crossing it. However, it is best to let the professionals do the installation.

It is very important to close the possible entry holes for squirrels. You can use mesh screen to block chimneys and vents and prevent animals from climbing in. You may want to get some help from a certified pest control operator when looking for the entryways for squirrels.

You may also use a catch trap to control squirrels. You will just need to have a bait like some nuts, peanut butter and things that they are attracted to feed on. Put the bait inside the catch trap and wait for the squirrel to come inside. If you will do this trapping, be sure to know the trapping law applied in your area.4

Horizon Pest Control can help trap and remove squirrels from from your home. We can also prevent squirrels from entering your home. For more information about our services, go to New Jersey Animal Control.

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