The Insects That Are Killing All of America’s Maple Trees

By Horizon Pest Control

Gloomy scales are insect-pests that love to feed on trees that are already stressed from abnormal environmental conditions. The GS insects don’t just feed on maple trees; they also reproduce, live and altogether, thrive on these trees. According to researchers these insect-pests have been know to reproduce in much higher numbers when the trees are already deprived of its nutrients as a result of heat and drought.

A recent study conducted by Adam Dale, an entomology professor from the University of Florida, has succeeded in shedding more light on how and why these bugs choose to feed and thrive on maple trees. Dale’s research is important as city planners will need to know where to plant maple trees in order to minimize insect-pest issues that may result from the trees presence. Maple trees are well-liked aspects of many modern parks, mostly because these trees produce a lot of shade.

To be more specific, Dr. Dale wants to figure out which factors can lead to the worsening of GS insect-pest issues, and what factors could save more maple trees from GS insects. Strangely enough, the more hot and dry a particular maple tree was, the more GS insects it had feeding on it. You would think insects would be more attracted to trees that were healthy and full of nutrients.

According to Dr. Dale, these nasty insect pests can severely damage and kill the trees that it feeds on. Also, GS insects are far more devastating to maple trees that exist in urban rather than rural areas, which clearly takes away from the benefits maple trees have to offer to the public. The negative environmental effects that result from artificial warming, and drought are far worse in the city, which makes city-dwelling maple trees the most at-risk group of trees.

Have you ever had a tree in your front yard that was eventually killed off by insect-pests?

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